3. “I hate rude behavior in a man. I won’t tolerate it.” – Woodrow Call

4. “Talk’s the way to kill it. Anything gets boring if you talk about it enough, even death.” – Gus McCrae

5. “I won’t say I did and I won’t say I didn’t, but I will say that a man who wouldn’t cheat for a poke don’t want one bad enough.” – Gus McCrae

6. “You know how it works, Jake. You ride with the outlaw, you die with the outlaw. Sorry, you crossed the line.” – Gus McCrae

7. “If you want anyone thing too badly, it’s likely to turn out to be a disappointment. The only healthy way to live life is to learn to like all the little everyday things—like a sip of good whiskey in the evening, a soft bed, a glass of buttermilk, or a feisty gentleman like myself.” – Gus McCrae

8. “I’m just tryin’ to keep everything in balance, Woodrow. You do more work than you got to, so it’s my obligation to do less.” – Gus McCrae

9. “Here’s to the sunny slopes of long ago.” – Gus McCrae

10. “You’ve got a long time to live. And you don’t want this thing dragging you back.” – Gus McCrae

11. “The older the violin, the sweeter the music.” – Gus McCrae

12. “Woodrow, you just don’t ever get the point—It’s not dying I’m talking about, it’s living.” – Gus McCrae

13. “I guess it’s our fault we should’ve shot sooner.” – Woodrow Call

14. “The best thing you can do for death is ride off from it.” – Woodrow Call

15. Woodrow Call: “‘I’m as American as the next.”

Gus McCrae: “You were born in Scotland.”

16. “I figured out why you and me get along so well. You know more than you say and I say more than I know. That means we’re a perfect match, as long as we don’t hang around one another more than an hour at a stretch.” – Gus McCrae

17. “Well, Woodrow ain’t much of a mentioner.” – Gus McCrae

18. “I ‘spect you been sittin’ up all night reading the good book.” – Woodrow Call

19. “I’m sure partial to the evening and the morning. If we just didn’t have to have the rest of the dern day, I’d be a lot happier.” – Gus McCrae

20. Peach Johnson: “Find July! He’s been gone over six days! He’s gone to Texas, Roscoe. I reckon you can find Texas!

Roscoe Brown: “Of course I can find Texas, Peach. I just don’t know if I can find July!”

21. “Live through it, that’s all we can do.” – Woodrow Call

22. “Nobody run off with her, She just run off with herself, I guess.” – Roscoe Brown

23. “Well, hell, boys. I’d damn sight rather be hung by my friends than by a bunch o’ damn strangers.” – Jake Spoon

24. “Uva uvam vivendo varia fit.” – Gus McCrae

25. “They were people of the horse, not of the town; in that they were more like the Comanches than Call would ever have admitted.” – Gus McCrae

26. “Well, Call, I guess they forgot us like they forgot the Alamo.” – Gus McCrae

27. “It’s been quite a party ain’t it?” – Gus McCrae

28. “They don’t know it, but the wrath of the Lord is about to descend on ‘em.” – Gus McCrae

29. “Well, you’re horse thieves, and that’s a sin in my book.” – Woodrow Call

30. “It was puzzling that such a muddy little river like the Rio Grande should make such a difference in terms of what was lawful and whatnot.” – Newt Dobbs

31. “Sounds like a damn wilderness if you ask me. And we’re a shade old to start fightin’ Indians all over again, don’t you think?” – Gus McCrae

32. “I’ll tell you what. You ride on up there, clear out the Indians, build a little cabin, get a nice fire goin’ in the fireplace and me and Jake will gather a herd, and then we’ll come on up.” – Gus McCrae

33. “I’d like to see the herd that you and Jake could gather. Herd o’ wh*r*s, maybe.” – Woodrow Call

34. “Woodrow is determined to be the first man to graze cattle in Montana, even if it kills all of us.” – Gus McCrae

35. “I’m not looking for Spoon right now. I’ve got more urgent business in the North.” – July Johnson

36. “I’ve got to go after Blue Duck. I expect he’s up on the Canadian somewhere. If I could trouble you for the loan of a horse, I’ll return it and probably a few more.” – Gus McCrae

37. “Why not go up to Montana? It’s a cattleman’s paradise to hear Jake tell it.” – Woodrow Call

38. “I mean it, Gus. Why not, go north with a herd?” – Woodrow Call

39. “Well you ain’t no more a cattleman than I am, Call, and y’know it, too.” – Woodrow Call

40. “A man that will go along with five killin’s is taking his leaving awful slow.” – Gus McCrae

41. “Well, it ain’t much of a crime whackin’ a surely bartender. I guess they may have forgot us though.” – Gus McCrae

42. “Call’s gone to round up a dern bunch of cowboys so we can head out for Montana with a dern bunch of cows and suffer for the rest of our lives.” – Gus McCrae

43. “Ain’t nothing like riding a fine horse in new country.” – Gus McCrae

44. “What we doin’ up here, Captain? This ain’t our land.” – Joshua Deets

45. “The hell with them! They ain’t worth a red piss, and neither are you!” – Dan Suggs

46. “You don’t boss me, Woodrow. I’m the one man you don’t boss.” – Gus McCrae

47. “They were shootin’ at me! This is Captain Augustus McRae, Texas Rangers. Now, don’t shoot me; I’m walkin’ in.” – Gus McCrae

48. “Go down to the river to eat that snake. Now go on, get outa here. Go on! Go on, git!” – Gus McCrae

49. “Ain’t much of a crime, whackin’ a surly bartender.” – Gus McCrae

50. “Those were Blue Duck’s boys. I’ve been chasin’ him. He stole a woman and I’m trying to get her back.” – Gus McCrae

51. “I loved Augustus McRae, but I wasn’t willing to share him with you every time you decided to ride off on some adventure. I despised you for what you were then, Captain Call; and I despise you for what you’re doing!” – Clara Allen

52. “You ever bring that tongue of yours north of the Canadian River, I’ll cut it off and feed it to my wolf pups.” – Blue Duck

53. “I hear you brought you stinkin’ old friend to watch my hangin’.” – Blue Duck

54. “I stole horses, burned farms, killed men, raped women, and stole children all over your territory, and until today, you never even got a good look at me! I don’t think you would’ve killed me. Rangers! I ‘spect I’ll kill a passel of you yet.” – Blue Duck

55. “Yeah, I forgot how determined he can get, once an idea takes root.” – Jake Spoon

56. “I could kick you for givin’ him all them ideas about Montana. Now we’re gonna suffer for the rest of our damn lives.” – Gus McCrae

57. “How do I know you won’t start missin’ your wife after about five miles and decide to quit?” – Woodrow Call

58. “Captain, can I go with you down to the river next time you go? I believe I’m gettin’ old enough.” – Newt Dobbs

59. “I should’ve killed him when I had a chance.” – Blue Duck

60. “Say goodbye to your brothers; I expect you got them into this.” – Gus McCrae

61. “I’ll say this, Suggs; you’re the kind of man it’s a pleasure to hang. If all you can talk is guff, you can talk it to the Devil.” – Gus McCrae

62. “No, the reason is we never got killed, that’s why they forgot us.” – Gus McCrae

63. “Not too much. You are just dead.” – Cholo

64. “I want to be buried in Clara’s Orchard. Yes, that’s my favor to you. It’s the kind of job you was made for, that nobody else could do or even try.” – Gus McCrae

65. “Of course it’s growed up, Woodrow. He killed all the Indians and bandits so the bankers could move in.” – Gus McCrae

66. “Sometimes it seems like grave digging is all we do around here, don’t it Cholo? What do you think happens when we die?” – Clara Allen

67. “Well, Augustus is dead. Died from blood poisonin’ from them arrows them Indians shot in him. They cut off one of his legs, but the poison got in the other and he wouldn’t let ’em cut it off. Stubborn about it; that’s what killed him, bein’ stubborn.” – Woodrow Call

68. “I guess this’ll teach me to be careful about what I promise in the future.” – Woodrow Call

69. “Has it ever occurred to you, Woodrow; that all the work we done was for the bankers? Hell, we killed off everybody made this country interestin’!” – Gus McCrae

70. “Maybe it’s not as big a change as we think. Maybe you just go back to where you lived or near your family, or wherever you were the happiest. Only you’re just a spirit now—and you don’t have the troubles the living have.” – Clara Allen

71. “It was my fault! Hell, you told me to stay.” – July Johnson

72. “I know I did, son. And I’m sure you wished you had. But yesterday’s gone, we can’t get it back. Now you go on with your digging.” – Gus McCrae

73. “Only a fool would want the Indians back.” – Woodrow Call

74. “The years would pass like weeks, and love would pass too, or else grow sour.” – Woodrow Call

75. “Don’t seem right, Captain. A man ought not to leave his land and his people.” – Joshua Deets

76. “I shoulda been second. Little Eddie was the youngest.” – Roy Suggs

77. “I don’t want to start thinking Woodrow of all the things we should have done for this good man.” – Gus McCrae

78. “What are you talkin’ about? You don’t even like money. You like money even less than you like fun if that’s possible.” – Gus McCrae

79. “Is that all you boys can think about; gettin’ to Ogallala and spendin’ your money on wh*r*s?” – Gus McCrae

80. “We come to this place to make money. They wasn’t nothin’ about fun in the deal.” – Woodrow Call

81. “Why wouldn’t they forget us? We haven’t been around here in years.” – Woodrow Call

82. “July Johnson! You’re that Arkansas sheriff came down lookin’ for Jake Spoon. If you’re lookin’ for Jake, you missed him by about 200 miles.” – Gus McCrae

83. “Gus, are you sure the Captain is my father?” – Newt Dobbs

84. “Things sure have changed since the last time I was here. It’s all growed up.” – Woodrow Call

85. “Well, adios, boys. Hope you won’t hold it against me. Never meant no harm.” – Jake Spoon

86. “My wife is in hell; where I sent her.” – Po Campo

87. “Well I was, too young and pretty and the wh*r*s wouldn’t let me alone.” – Gus McCrae

88. “Jake liked to joke. He didn’t like to work. I have exactly those same failings myself.” – Gus McCrae

89. “It’s just that it’s fearsome for a man to have a woman start thinking right in front of him. It always leads to trouble.” – Gus McCrae

90. “Well the first man that comes along that can read Latin is welcome to rob us, as far as I’m concerned.” – Gus McCrae

91. “It’s an accident she is even on this trip.” – Gus McCrae

92. “I told you, Woodrow, a long time ago it ain’t Greek, it’s Latin.” – Gus McCrae

93. “I never noticed you having accidents with ugly girls.” – Clara Allen

94. “Men who didn’t know how to get on and off a horse would not be much use around a cow outfit.” – Gus McCrae

95. “Well, I’m glad I ain’t scared to be lazy.” – Gus McCrae

96. “Done put a gun on you. Reckon you’ll be boss of this outfit before too much longer.” – Joshua Deets

97. “You better hope not, Deets. First thing I’ll do is cut your wages for all them times you been joshin’ me.” – Newt Dobbs

98. “You get old quick, sittin’ out here on the porch, talkin’. Best go on to bed.” – Woodrow Call

99. “A man that will talk to a pig ain’t no better than a farmer.” – Jake Spoon

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