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1. “I have this dream of being whole. Of not going to sleep each night, wanting. But still, sometimes when the wind is warm, or the crickets sing, I dream of a love that even time will lie down and be still for.” – Sally

2. “She does? Well, that’s what love is like. It makes your heart race. It turns the world upside down. But, if you’re not careful, if you don’t keep your eyes on something still, you can lose your balance.” – Gillian

3. “There’s some things I know for certain. Always throw spilled salt over your left shoulder. Keep rosemary by your garden gate. Plant for luck. And fall in love whenever you can.” – Sally 

4. “Sometimes I feel like there’s a hole inside of me, an emptiness that at times seems to burn. I think if you lifted my heart to your ear, you could probably hear the ocean.” – Sally

5. “My blood, your blood, our blood.” – Gillian 

6. “I just want someone to love me. I want to be seen. I don’t know. Maybe I had my happiness. I don’t want to believe it but, there is no man, Gilly. Only that moon.” – Sally

7. “The guy I dreamed of doesn’t exist. And if he doesn’t exist, I’ll never die of a broken heart.” – Young Sally 

8. “All I want is a normal life.” – Sally 

9. “There’s in all of us.” – Aunt Jet

10. “My darling girl, when are you going to realize that being normal is not necessarily a virtue? It rather denotes a lack of courage!” – Aunt Frances

11. “In this house, we have chocolate cake for breakfast, and never bother with silly little things like bedtimes, or brushing our teeth.” – Aunt Frances

12. “Of course you’re going to see me again. We’re going to grow old together. It’s gonna be you and me, living in a big house. These two old biddies with all these cats. I mean, I bet we even die on the same day.” – Gillian 

13. “For more than 200 years, we Owens women have been blamed by everything that’s ever gone wrong in this town.” – Aunt Frances

14. Young Sally: “Mommy died of a broken heart, didn’t she?”

Aunt Frances: “Yes, my darling girl, she did.” 

15. “He can flip pancakes in the air. He’ll be marvelously kind. And his favorite shape will be a star. And he’ll have one green eye and one blue.” – Sally 

16. “If I made you feel second best, I’m so sorry, I was blind. You were always on my mind.” – Jimmy 

17. “Dear Gillian, today is our third anniversary and all I have to show for it are two beautiful little girls and a husband. No more stones being thrown, no taunts cried out.” – Sally 

18. “He wants me, just me. Everyone would be safe. Just let him take me.” – Gillian 

19. “I feel like I’m never going to see you again.” – Sally 

20. “But, you can. You can do this. I know you can. I remember. I found it here when mommy and daddy died.” – Sally 

21. “I’m sorry, my love. I want to be with you forever.” – Jimmy 

22. “Did you or your sister kill James Angelov?” – Gary

23. “So, when you find yourself the center of attention, it’s not that they hate you. It’s that, well—we’re different.” – Aunt Jet

24. “Even if we did bring him back, it wouldn’t be Michael. It would be something else. Something dark and unnatural.” – Aunt Frances

25. “Jimmy, please, baby. Come on, baby, I love you.” – Gillian

26. “You brought him into my life and now I want you to bring him back. Bring him back! I have never asked you for anything. I’ve never asked you for spells but do this. I know you can bring him back.” – Sally

27. “I don’t care what he comes back as. As long as he comes back. Please do this for me. Please? Please? Please? Please?” – Sally

28. “Don’t die on me, Gillian Owens.” – Sally

29. “Do you forgive our mother?” – Gillian

30. “Thanks for being my sister.” – Gillian

31. “So, what kind of a craft do you do?” – Gary

32. “She heard the beetle ticking for your father’s death all day long. She knew that when you hear the sound of the deathwatch beetle the man you love is doomed to die.” – Aunt Frances

33. “I manufacture bath oils, and soaps, and hand lotions, and shampoo. And the aunts—they like to meddle in people’s love lives.” – Sally

34. “Curses only have power when you believe them. And I don’t. You know what? I wished for you too.” – Gary

35. “Hands up, ladies. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust.” – Aunt Frances

36. “Eye of newt and toe of frog, wool of bat, and tongue of dog.” – Aunt Frances

37. “Black as night, erase death from our sight. White as light, Mighty Hectate make it right.” – Sally and Gillian

38. “I got people telling me that you’re up here cooking up placenta bars, that you’re into devil worship.” – Gary

39. “She had the gift of magic. And it was this very gift that saved her life.” – Aunt Frances

40. “And this is what comes from dabbling; I mean you can’t practice witchcraft while you look down your nose at it.” – Aunt Jet

41. “We need a full coven.” – Aunt Frances

42. “You’re saying what I’m feeling is just one of your spells?” – Gary

43. “Flip the switch and let the cauldron bubble!” – Aunt Frances

44. “No. No, there’s no devil in the craft.” – Sally

45. “Be careful what you wish for.” – Aunt Jet

46. Sally: “And I don’t want them dancing naked under the full moon!”

Aunt Jet: “No, of course. The nudity is entirely optional. As you well remember!”

47. “Sometimes, we just stay up all night worshipping each other like bats.” – Gillian

48. “Well, you’ll never forgive yourself, unless you get up, get dressed and you brush your goddamn teeth, ’cause your breath stinks.” – Gillian

49. “Mom, I’m worried about Antonia. Did you know that she put on her mouse ears and drives around town, all liquored up, naked?” – Kylie

50. “You see that couple here? Well, he’s having an affair with the babysitter and she can eat a pound cake in under a minute.” – Aunt Jet

51. “Strange town. Never spent this much on shampoo before, in my life.” – Gary

52. “Hang onto your husbands, girls!” – Gillian

53. “Louis L’amour, who, by the way, was not a foreigner! He was from North Dakota, you asshole!” – Sally

54. “On Halloween, they all jump off the roof and fly!” – Ice Cream Boy

55. “Yeah, he’s nice—in a very penal code sort of way, yeah.” – Sally

56. Gillian: “I love you.” 

Sally: “I love you too, Gilly-Bean.”

57. Aunt Frances: “A lesson they must learn on their own.”

Aunt Jet: “What about the little ones?”

Aunt Frances: “Not to worry, Jetty. A good piece of Maria’s hanging rope will protect them.”

58. “I hope I never fall in love.” – Young Sally

59. “Miss Owens, are you hiding James Angelov?” – Gary

60. “Oh, come on, Sal. What’s enough? I hate it here. I wanna go where no one’s even heard of us.” – Gillian

61. “Can love really travel back in time and heal a broken heart? Was it our joined hands that finally lifted Maria’s curse? I’d like to think so.” – Sally

62. “I’m lying in the sun. I’m hanging by the pool. I’ve got a million friends. You might say that life is perfect.” – Gillian

63. “Everything is just so blissfully normal. Life is perfect.” – Sally 

64. “You can’t see what’s happening to the people around you. You can’t see that you’re about to fall.” – Gillian

65. “Yes, you killed his spirit, but I know I took his life. I’ll tell you all need to know. I’ll tell you how I did it, where I buried him, what I did it with. I’ll tell you how—.” – Sally

66. “I can’t wait to fall in love.” – Young Gillian

67. “The moon tonight, there’s a circle around it. Sign of trouble not far behind.” – Sally

68. “Thought you never wanted to fall in love.” – Young Gillian

69. “No, dear. You don’t do that!” – Aunt Jet

70. “Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on just a goddamn second, all right? One step at a time. I took an oath to uphold the law. I came here to bring in the bad guy because generally, that’s what I do. You asked me how many times I read your letter. I must’ve read it about a thousand times. I know now, it was your letter anything else that brought me here. It was you. And I’m all mixed-up about that.” – Gary

71. “You ever put your arms out and spin really, really fast?” – Gillian

72. “You know, girls, I’m feeling very into sisters right now.” – Gillian

73. “What was that, Sally? That was him, wasn’t it? Is he gone or what?” – Gary

74. “Why? I’ll probably get life. I should smoke two at once. It’ll shorten the sentence.” – Gillian

75. “The reason you’re here and you don’t know why is because I sent for you.” – Sally

76. “I think he’s in the spirit world.” – Sally

77. “Since when is being a slut a crime in this family?” – Sally

78. “She does it all the time.” – Antonia

79. “What, the old slowly-poisoning-him-to-death self-defense?” – Gillian

80. “Some people also use it as a poison.” – Gary

81. “We have to go to the police. It was self-defense.” – Sally

82. “No, I think he’s haunting us.” – Sally

83. “You really should stop smoking so much.” – Sally

84. “Not in this house.” – Sally

85. “Yeah, a couple of times.” – Sally

86. “Every problem has a solution, although it may not be the outcome that was originally hoped for or expected.” – Alice Hoffman, Author

87. “The moon is always jealous of the heat of the day, just as the sun always longs for something dark and deep.” – Alice Hoffman, Author

88. “People want to ignore what they can’t understand. They’re looking for logic at any cost.” – Alice Hoffman, Author

89. “Real love was dangerous, it got you from inside and held on tight, and if you didn’t let go fast enough you might be willing to do anything for its sake.” – Alice Hoffman, Author

90. “There’s one factor she forgot to figure into her anxiety equation, and that’s jealousy.” – Alice Hoffman, Author

91. “If a woman is in trouble, she should always wear blue for protection.” – Alice Hoffman, Author

92. “Sometimes the right thing feels all wrong until it is over and done with.” – Alice Hoffman, Author

93. “It doesn’t matter what people tell you. It doesn’t matter what they might say. Sometimes you have to leave home. Sometimes, running away means you’re headed in the exact right direction.” – Alice Hoffman, Author

94. “Trouble is just like love, after all; it comes in unannounced and takes over before you’ve had a chance to reconsider, or even to think.” – Alice Hoffman, Author

95. “Unrequited love is so boring. Weeping under a blue-black sky is for suckers or maniacs.” – Alice Hoffman, Author

96. “Pride is a funny thing; it can make what is truly worthless appear to be a treasure.” – Alice Hoffman, Author

97. “Some things, when they change, never do return to the way they once were. Butterflies for instance, and women who’ve been in love with the wrong man too often.” – Alice Hoffman, Author

98. “Holding a tear back makes them drain upward, higher and higher, until one day your head just explodes and you’re left with a stub of a neck and nothing more.” – Alice Hoffman, Author

99. “Some fates are guaranteed, no matter who tries to intervene.” – Alice Hoffman, Author

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