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1. “A heart’s a heavy burden.” – Sophie

2. “One thing you can always count on is that hearts change.” – Unnamed Prince

3. “Sorry, I’ve had enough of running away, Sophie. Now, I’ve got something I want to protect. It’s you.” – Howl

4. “A fickle heart is the only constant in the world.” – Diana Wynne Jones

5. “It’s—you’re scaring me. I have this weird feeling you’re going to leave. Howl, tell me what’s going on! Please. I don’t care if you’re a monster.” – Sophie

6. “When you’re old, all you want to do is stare at the scenery. It’s so strange. I’ve never felt so peaceful before.” – Sophie

7. “Doors are very powerful things. Things are different on either side of them.” – Diana Wynne Jones

8. “I’m just setting things up so all of you can live a comfortable life, Sophie.” – Howl

9. “Some people are thoroughly self-centered. This thing goes with me. I need it for moral support.” – Diana Wynne Jones

10. “My shining dishonesty will be the salvation of me.” – Diana Wynne Jones

11. “Tantrums are seldom about the thing they appear to be about.” – Diana Wynne Jones

12. “The rule was—lose your temper, lose a customer. She had just proved that rule. It troubled her to realize how very enjoyable it had been.” – Diana Wynne Jones

13. “Mother knows you don’t have to be unkind to someone in order to exploit them.” – Diana Wynne Jones

14. “Well, the nice thing about being old is you’ve got nothing to lose.” – Sophie

15. “They say the best blaze burns brightest when circumstances are at their worst.” – Sophie

16. “I think we ought to live happily ever after.” – Sophie

17. “Knowing you’d be there gave me the courage to show up. You saved me, Sophie. I was in big trouble back there.” – Howl

18. “So you are going away. Please, Howl. I know I can be of help to you, even though I’m not pretty and all I’m good at is cleaning.” – Sophie

19. “Wow, Sophie, your hair looks just like starlight. It’s beautiful.” – Howl

20. “Typical! I break my neck trying to get here, and I find you peacefully tidying up!” – Diana Wynne Jones

21. “Interesting things did seem to happen but always to somebody else.” – Sophie

22. “If I give you a hint and tell you a hint, it will be information.” – Diana Wynne Jones

23. “I’m the worst kind of witch ever—the kind that cleans.” – Sophie

24. “Here’s another curse—may all your bacon burn.” – Calcifer

25. “Why did you pretend to run away? To deceive the Witch? Not likely! I’m a coward. The only way I can do something this frightening is to tell myself I’m not doing it!” – Howl

26. “I’m going up to my room now—where I may die.” – Howl

27. “Who, me? I assure you, my friends, I am cone sold stober.” – Diana Wynne Jones

28. “So you think you’ve got it bad? I’ve never once been beautiful in my entire life!” – Sophie

29. “I give up. I see no point in living if I can’t be beautiful.” – Howl

30. “And she stopped herself because death is like that—people are alive until they die.” – Diana Wynne Jones

31. “I knew that living happily ever after with Howl would make a good deal, more eventful than any story made it sound, though she was determined to try.” – Sophie

32. “I can’t stay. I’ve got to rescue that fool Sophie.” – Howl

33. “That’s why I love spiders. If at first, you don’t succeed, try, try, try again.” – Diana Wynne Jones

34. “Why do you get so cold when you’re old? I’m fatter than ever, and yet, the wind blows right through me!” – Sophie

35. “People Sophie had known all her life came and brought flowers by the bundle. None of them recognized her, and that made her feel very odd.” – Diana Wynne Jones

36. “Be daffodils in June, you beasty things.” – Diana Wynne Jones

37. “It’s been a pleasure meeting you, even if you are my least favorite vegetable. Take care, Turniphead!” – Sophie

38. “His pole snapped. We’ll get you a new one, okay? You saved us, Turnip.” – Sophie

39. Sophie: “Howl needs that back now.”

Witch of the Waste: “Don’t look at me, I don’t have it. I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Sophie: “Please give it back.”

40. “Sophie, you are beautiful.” – Howl

41. “But I brought it on myself by making a bargain some years ago, and I know I shall never be able to love anyone properly now.” – Howl

42. “Here you are, sweetheart. Sorry, I’m late. I was looking everywhere for you!” – Howl

43. “Where to? I’ll be your escort for this evening.” – Howl

44. “Howl! I’m sorry, did I come too late? I didn’t mean to make you wait this long. I need you to take me to Calcifer if you can.” – Sophie

45. Howl: “Go away.”

Sophie: “No, I’m not going away. I’m going to help you break this spell that you’re under.”

Howl: “You? You can’t even break your own spell.”

Sophie: “But you don’t understand, I love you.”

46. “Nothing is safe from you. If I were to court a girl who lived on an iceberg in the middle of the ocean, sooner or later—probably sooner—I’d look up to see you swooping overhead on a broomstick. In fact, by now, I’d be disappointed in you if I didn’t see you.” – Howl

47. “And you’re too nice, I was relying on you being too jealous to let that demon near the place.” – Howl

48. “Yes. I was looking for Lettie. They were both very kind to me even though they’d never seen me before. And Wizard Howl kept visiting to court Lettie. Lettie didn’t want him, and she asked me to bite him to get rid of him, until Howl suddenly began asking her about you, and I know someone called Sophie who looks a little like you. And Lettie said, ‘That’s my sister,’ without thinking. And she got terribly worried then, particularly as Howl went on asking about her sister.” – Percival

49. Lettie : “Wow! He must have been a wizard then.”

Sophie : “But he was so kind to me. He rescued me, Lettie.”

Lettie : “Of course he did, he was trying to steal your heart. You were so lucky Sophie, if that wizard were Howl, he would have eaten it.”

Sophie : “No, he wouldn’t. Howl only does that to beautiful girls.”

50. “This isn’t so bad now, is it? You’re still in good shape and your clothes finally suit you.” – Diana Wynne Jones

51. “Oh, confound that gray and scarlet suit! I refuse to believe that I was the one that caught with it.” – Sophie

52. “Annoyed? Why should I be annoyed? Someone only filled the castle with rotten aspic, and deafened everyone in Porthaven, and scared Calcifer to a cinder, and broke a few hundred hearts. Why should that annoy me?” – Sophie

53. “Sophie! You have sabotaged me! Look! Look at what you’ve done to my hair! Look!” – Howl

54. “I’m a failure! Garbage! You just never stop to think.” – Diana Wynne Jones

55. “I didn’t let them in here! Sophie crash-landed her plane into my face!” – Calcifer

56. “Really, these wizards! You’d think no one had ever had a cold before! Well, what is it?” – Diana Wynne Jones

57. “If I ever get my hands on that witch, I’m going to wring her fat neck! Finish your breakfast.” – Sophie

58. “Look. Survey. Inspect. My hair is ruined! I look like a pan of bacon and eggs!” – Diana Wynne Jones

59. “Of course, I am! No one else does any work around here.” – Calcifer

60. “You are a terror, aren’t you? Leave this yard alone. I know just where everything is in it, and I won’t be able to find the things I need for my transport spells if you tidy them up.” – Howl

61. “Do listen. He’s not wicked at all!” – Sophie

62. “Of course, you hate getting angry! You don’t like anything unpleasant, do you? You’re a slitherer-outer, that’s what you are! You slither away from anything you don’t like!” – Sophie

63. “Stop it! Stop it at once! You are behaving just like a baby!” – Sophie

64. “Let’s run! Don’t fight them, Howl!” – Sophie

65. “No, no, no! Don’t do this! Help! Help! Crazy lady with the shovel! If you kick me out that door, the castle could collapse!” – Calcifer

66. “Help me, someone! I’m dying from neglect up here!” – Howl

67. “I don’t cook! I’m a scary and powerful fire demon.” – Calcifer

68. “Calcifer agreed to speed up the castle because of a scarecrow? Dear Sophie, do please tell me how you bully Howl into being that obliging. I’d dearly love to know!” – Diana Wynne Jones

69. “You must admit, I have a right to live in a pigsty if I want.” – Diana Wynne Jones

70. “Is that all you can do in the face of tragedy? Make toast?” – Howl

71. “I’m delirious. Spots are crawling before my eyes.” – Diana Wynne Jones

72. “She said, ‘Over my dead body!’ So I took her at her word.” – Witch of the Waste

73. “She was once quite beautiful, so I decided to pursue her. Then, I realized she wasn’t, so then, as usual, I ran away.” – Howl

74. “Don’t be alarmed, but I’m being followed. Act normal.” – Howl

75. “Your head’s like a turnip. I’ve always hated turnips ever since I was little. Well, at least you’re not upside down now. So long.” – Sophie

76. “Oh, how your ears flap and your long nose twitches!” – Howl

77. “I’m dying of boredom—or maybe just dying.” – Howl

78. “Whatever you don’t want me to clean, better hide it now!” – Sophie

79. “If you knew the trouble we’ve had because Howl will keep like this! We’ve had lawsuits, and suitors with swords, and mothers with rolling pins, and fathers and with cudgels. And aunts—aunts are terrible. They go for you with hat pins.” – Diana Wynne Jones

80. “I’ll be okay if you do it, I think. I mean, you dumped water on me and Howl and we both survived.” – Calcifer

81. “What a tacky shop. I’ve never seen such tacky little hats. Yet you’re by far the tackiest thing here.” – Witch of the Waste

82. “More about Howl? Well, he’s fickle, careless, selfish, and hysterical. Half the time, I think he doesn’t care what happens to anyone as long as he’s all right. But then, I find out how awfully kind he’s been to someone. Then I think he’s kind just when it suits him—only then, I find out he undercharges poor people. I don’t know, Your Majesty. He’s a mess.” – Sophie

83. “It looks like your is in love with someone else!” – Witch of the Waste

84. “I’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t torment my friend.” – Howl

85. “I feel terrible, like there’s a weight on my chest.” – Howl

86. “He was remorseless, but she lacked method.” – Diana Wynne Jones

87. “Yes, you are nosy. You’re dreadfully nosy, horribly bossy, appallingly clean, old, mean. Control yourself. You’re victimizing us all.” – Howl

88. “You have no right to make jigsaws of people.” – Diana Wynne Jones

89. “I’m sure Howl won’t eat the heart of a shriveled old lady like me.” – Sophie

90. “We can’t all be Mad Hatters.” – Diana Wynne Jones

91. “’Don’t worry, old thing, you look quite healthy. Besides, this is much more like you than you really are.” – Sophie

92. “I can’t stand the fire and gunpowder. Those dopey guys have absolutely no manners.” – Calcifer

93. “Go to bed, you fool. You’re drunk.” – Calcifer

94. “You’ve no right to walk into people’s castles and take their guitars.” – Diana Wynne Jones

95. “That boy is extremely dangerous. His powers are far too great for someone without a heart.” – Madame Suliman

96. “Though he did not seem to want to leave the hills, he was known to amuse himself by collecting young girls and sucking the souls from them.” – Diana Wynne Jones

97. “Nobody’s safe in a wizard’s house.” – Calcifer

98. “After the war, they won’t ever recall they ever were human.” – Howl

99. “Those wizards are going to regret doing that. They’ll never change back into humans.” – Calcifer

100. “You who swallowed a falling star, o heartless man. Your heart shall soon be mine.” – Howl

101. “Standing up to the Witch of Waste—that’s plucky.” – Witch of the Waste

102. “This is terrible, they bomb from the southern coast to the northern border. It’s all in flames now.” – Diana Wynne Jones

103. “It is quite a risk to spank a wizard for getting hysterical about his hair.” – Diana Wynne Jones

104. “You shouldn’t keep flying around like that. Soon, you won’t be able to turn back into a human.” – Calcifer

105. “Don’t you want your heart eaten?” – Calcifer

106. “Howl’s very fickle. He’s only interested until the girl falls in love with him. Then he can’t be bothered with her.” – Calcifer

107. “You know this could kill me, don’t you? Look at the bright side, it could be me it kills.” – Howl

108. “Things are going round and round in my head—or maybe my head is going round and round in things.” – Diana Wynne Jones

109. “It’s all so familiar, yet I know I’ve never been here before. I feel so at home.” – Sophie

110. “If I give Howl back his heart, what will happen to you?” – Sophie

111. “Perhaps she was a little mad, but then old women often were.” – Diana Wynne Jones

112. “The Witch of the Waste and Madame Sulliman’s dog at my table? What possessed you to let them in my house?” – Howl

113. Sophie: “A battleship?”

Howl: “On its way to burn cities and people.”

Sophie: “The enemy’s? Ours?”

Howl: “What difference does it make?”

114. “I can’t do this! Why’d you make me come here if you were coming yourself?” – Sophie

115. “Howl, why is the Witch of the Waste trying to hunt you down?” – Sophie

116. “Are you off to the iceberg today?” – Sophie

117. “What’s going on? Someone just told me you floated down into our balcony!” – Lettie

118. “That’s magic. I admire using something that exists anyway and turning it round into a curse.” – Diana Wynne Jones

119. “You’re wearing that hat? After all the magic I used to make your dress pretty?” – Howl

120. “This charm will guarantee your safe return. Don’t worry, I’ll follow behind you in disguise. Now, off you go.” – Howl

121. “But her eyes were blue and full of anxieties, and her hair was darkish.” – Diana Wynne Jones

122. “Looks like we have another addition to the family. Hmm, you’ve got quite a nasty spell on you too, huh? Seems everyone in this family’s got problems.” – Howl

123. “A fire demon—well, then you should be able to break my curse.” – Sophie

124. “He’s calling the Spirits of Darkness. I saw him do this once before when a girl dumped him!” – Markl

125. “By now, it was clear that Howl was in a mood to produce green slime any second.” – Diana Wynne Jones

126. “I wonder what Howl disguised himself as? Surely not a crow. Can’t be a pigeon, he’s too flamboyant for that.” – Sophie

127. “Wizard Howl, I must apologize for trying to bite you so often. In the normal way, I wouldn’t dream of setting teeth in a fellow countryman.” – Madame Suliman

128. “I’ve been wondering all along if you would turn out to be that lovely girl I met on May Day. Why were you scared then?” – Howl

129. “See? I can almost reach the hearth.” – Calcifer

130. “Are you sure you’re not a witch?” – Markl

131. Howl: “You’re looking well, Madame Suliman.”

Madame Suliman: “Rather weak disguise. Didn’t I teach you better?”

Howl: “I’m not trying to outwit you. I kept my oath. I reported when summoned. Now, ‘mother’ and I will go.”

132. Sophie: “A heart burns like a blue flame.”

Calcifer: “But it’s still the heart of a child.”

133. “See that new color on the dial? There’s a new portal. It’s a present for you. Come see.” – Howl

134. “I make that 4 horses and 10 men just to get rid of one old woman. What did you do to the king?” – Diana Wynne Jones

135. “I know where I am! I’m in Howl’s childhood!” – Sophie

136. “It’s amazing the way one can step ten and a half miles long and still always land in a cowpat.” – Howl

137. “Being a crone did not stop her enjoying the sight and smell of May in the hedgerows, though the sight was a little blurred.” – Diana Wynne Jones

138. “She stood for a moment looking out at a slowly moving view of the hills, watching heather slide past underneath the door, feeling the wind blow her wispy hair, and listening to the rumble and grind of the big black stones as the castle moved.” – Diana Wynne Jones

139. “In the land of Ingary, where such things as seven-league boots and cloaks of invisibility really exist, it is quite a misfortune to be born the eldest of the three. Everyone knows you are the one who will fail first, and worst, if the three of you set out to seek your fortunes.” – Diana Wynne Jones

140. “Go and catch a falling star. Get with child a mandrake root. Tell me where all past years are or who cleft the Devil’s foot. Teach me to hear the mermaids singing or to keep off envy’s stinging, And find what wind serves to advance an honest mind. Decide what this is about. Write a second verse yourself.” – Diana Wynne Jones

141. “Save me! This stuff is going to put me out!” – Calcifer

142. Calcifer: “Is something the matter?”

Sophie: “Yes, my heart. There was a scarecrow at the door!”

Calcifer: “What has a scarecrow to do with your heart?”

Sophie: “It was trying to get in here. It gave me a terrible fright. And my heart—but you wouldn’t understand, you silly young demon! You haven’t got a heart.”

Calcifer: “Yes I have, down in the glowing part under the logs. And don’t call me young. I’m a good million years older than you are! Can I reduce the speed of the castle now?”

143. “Howl! Calcifer! I know how to help you now! Find me in the future!” – Sophie

144. “Do you know what Madame Suliman said? She said that Howl’s heart was stolen by a demon. Tell me now, what do you know?” – Sophie

145. “No, you hit your head on the floor.” – Sophie

146. “I’ve got a hangover!” – Howl

147. “I’m here!” – Sophie

148. “It’s not easy being old.” – Sophie

149. “Tidying up is what I’m here for!” – Sophie

150. “She likes my spark! – Calcifer

151. “I don’t think I’m evil.” – Calcifer

152. “Bury me beside Mrs. Pentstemmon.” – Howl

153. “You’re a natural.” – Howl

154. “Oh, my shawl!” – Sophie

155. “What a dump. When I think of castles, it’s not what I picture.” – Sophie

156. “Look at that! They call this a castle?” – Sophie 

157. “What a strange family you are! Is your name Lettie too?” – Diana Wynne Jones

158. “Then, you must think of a new meaning for your life.” – Howl

159. “Apply your fiendish mind to the matter. Or even think, if you know how.” – Howl

160. “I missed you too, Calcifer.” – Sophie

161. “Nobody can buy a hat without gossiping.” – Diana Wynne Jones

162. “I could cut a star of paper and drop it.” – Sophie

163. “It seems as if those of high ability cannot resist some extra dangerous stroke of cleverness which results in a fatal flaw and begins a slow decline to evil.” – Diana Wynne jones

164. “I’ll make some hot buttered toast.” – Sophie 

165. “It can’t be good for the table.” – Howl

166. “All right, Calcifer. Let’s get cooking.” – Sophie

167. “Save my room for last, okay?” – Markl

168. “Yeah, I kinda missed you guys, and it looks like it’s gonna rain.” – Calcifer

169. “I’m so sorry, but that would be confidential information.” – Calcifer

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