1. “I’m the tower of power—too sweet to be sour. I’m funky like a monkey—sky’s the limit and space is the place!”

2. “Being a wrestler is like walking on the treadmill of life—you get off it and it just keeps going.”

3. “Expect the unexpected in the ‘Kingdom of Madness!’”

4. “Hulkamania is like a single grain of sand in the Sahara desert that is Macho Madness.”

5. “Every sport has its own cast of characters.”

6. “Too hot to handle, too cold to hold!”

7. “From wrestling, to my hip-hop thing, I’ve just been able to do so much and meet so many crazy characters.”

8. “The match the whole world—Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, or anywhere else—is waiting for.”

9. “I’ve been in the danger zone.”

10. “There are no tough guys in wrestling.”


11. “I called him out, but the punk was scared to go. It was a charity event, but the Hulk didn’t show.”

12. “Wrestling is a fraternity, and the boys will work their butts off for you as long as you respect them and don’t lie. You can’t let anyone walk all over you, or everybody will walk all over you.”

13. “Curt Hennig, A.K.A. Mr. Perfect, just want to let you know that you’re missed but you’ll never be forgotten. You’ve always been an incredible friend, and we just want you to know that we’ve got your back, buddy.”

14. “No one knows that every four years, the professional wrestler is chosen—a freshman to fight the forces of the evil sorcerer.”

15. “Don’t be someone who wrestles as old people fuck.”

16. “Wrestling with old people is like having sex with someone who is fifty years older than you.”

17. “The only thing that wrestlers care about is their muscles; the rest of the world is bullshit to them.”

18. “There are two types of people in this world—the first type is wrestlers, and the second type is funny.”

19. “Wrestlers are the most unhumorous and unfunny people on the planet Earth.”

20. “I used to hate old-timers who didn’t praise the younger wrestlers, but you’ve got to pass the torch sometime. If you’re old, that torch gets too heavy for you and you can’t carry it, so it won’t do you any good.”

21. “Yeah, what were you doing at Wrestlemania? Oh yeah, I’d like to know. You weren’t there to gloat, were you? No, I guess you weren’t.”

22. “You will eat my rear rockets and like it! Oh yeah!”

23. “Comin’ right back at ya, it’s Macho Man. D.J.’s in the club, slam this jam. I’m comin’ with the heat that’s sizzlin’ hot. When they drop this beat, it’s blowin’ up the spot.”

24. “You’re goin’ nowhere! I got’cha for three minutes—three minutes of playtime!”

25. “You been running from Nacho like I’ve got cheese.”

26. “Rules? Well, rules were made to be broken, and your neck could be broken!”

27. “Hulk Hogan’s got the biggest arms in the world, yeah! But these arms ain’t chopped liver!”

28. “Your mustache is crooked!”

29. “On balance, off balance, doesn’t matter. I’m better than you are.”

30. “Dusty Rhodes, do you think you’re what our forefathers were thinking about when they thought up the American dream? Oh yeah, I don’t think so.”

31. “Hulk Hogan, not only are you a hot dog, a grand stander, a showboat, and a prima donna, but you’re a too.”

32. “You say you love me like a brother, well listen to this Hulk Hogan! I hate you, I hate your guts, and that’s what’s going to be left all over the mat.”

33. “Always be ready to face the madness.”

34. “Don’t think that you are tougher than me.”

35. “Just eyeball it.”

36. “I just wasn’t ready to take off my boots at that point. It wasn’t anything but an attitude or direction the WWF was going in. They proved to be 100% correct. They had a vision.”

37. “I have no regrets.”

38. “I can’t believe how you survived the business and I didn’t. Every inch of me aches.”

39. “I put my mind, heart, and soul into wrestling.”

40. “What’s better than wrestling? Nothing.”

41. “Best there is—past, present, and future! Oh yeah!”

42. “Ten thousand years as Intercontinental Champion, oh yeah!”

43. “I’m the Macho Man Randy Savage, and I’m the World Wrestling Federation Champion, and you are not.”

44. “Don’t degrade the champion at any time.”

45. “I am the man of the hour, call me a man of power.”

46. “My madness makes me run wild in the wrestling ring and the gym.”

47. “Being crazy is my vibe.”

48. “People who can match up to my crackhead energy are my type.”

49. “I am a million times better today than I was yesterday.”

50. “In a wrestling ring, I show no mercy, but once I am out of the ring, I am kind and soft.”

51. “I hate women so much that I’d rather a man than loving a woman.”

52. “My personality is a mix of being savage and strong.”

53. “My wishlist is empty, because what I wish for is already mine.”

54. “I don’t have to label the things that are mine, that’s how I roll.”

55. “My strong muscles are the gun, and my punches are the bullets.”

56. “The Madness is runnin’ wild!”

57. “Snap into a Slim Jim!”

58. “We’re in space, and space is the place!”

59. “One that’s lyrically inclined with a mic in his fist, it’s the Savage Man with the master plan. I gotcha wavin’ ya hands saying, ‘that’s my jam.’”

60. “Dig it!”

61. “Bonesaw is ready!”

62. “The cream rises to the top!”

63. “It’s enough to get me to the boilin’ point!”

64. “Woah! Freak out!”

65. “Cup o’ coffee in the big time, yeah.”

66. “There’s an airplane going by, and I’m not on it!”

67. “I’m not a racist!”

68. “Macho Madness is coming at ya!”

69. “I have no mercy while I am wrestling.”

70. “I say I’m a million percent. That is better than one hundred percent!”

71. “All I care about is that people are being entertained.”

72. “It’s not about being the world champion, it’s about exciting the people. If you entertained, then I did my job, and that’s all I care about.”

73. “I am not in the wrestling ring to show off my power, I am in this wrestling ring to entertain you.”

74. “The satisfaction and entertainment of your heart are all that matters to me.”

75. “What a great way to see all of our legacies live on through the video games.”

76. “It’s kinda hard as time goes on and I don’t see your face. So I’m clinchin’ and I’m holdin’ on to memories. Remember the times rollin’ strong, just you and me, life.”

77. “Cuz all I wanna do is make ya smile and bring joy to ya life. I ain’t tryin’ to be foul. Cuz I’ll never doubt you, I’m all about you. Tell you the truth, I can’t breathe without you.”

78. “Thirty six years ago, Lynn and I met on Lido Beach. I feel so fortunate that I had a second chance to marry my first love, here where it all began.”

79. “I’ve got something to say to zillions of people all around the world, and I’ve got something to say to Elizabeth. Elizabeth, I love you!”

80. “Elizabeth, Elizabeth, will you marry me?”

81. “Don’t worry if there is no one to pat your back. You can always give yourself a pat on the back to appreciate yourself.”

82. “When anger rushes unrestrained to action, like a hot steed, it stumbles on its way. The man of thought strikes deepest and strikes safely.”

83. “Learn to accept and love your body in the present state.”

84. “Love yourself, but never stop working on yourself so that you can improve day by day.”

85. “Do what you love, not what people suggest.”

86. “Follow the decisions and thoughts of your heart.”

87. “It seems difficult at the beginning, but it gets easier, I promise.”

88. “Only I can set my limits, not society!”

89. “Appreciate yourself, because you deserve it.”

90. “Know your worth and value.”

91. “Value your personal opinion and feelings because they matter.”

92. “Being self-reliant is what makes a man a good human.”

93. “It is the simple truth of life that you have to cope with every situation or chaos thrown at you.”

94. “Stop comparing your life to people. Life is a journey, not a race or a competition.”

95. “Don’t wait for life to throw an opportunity at you, get up and get it.”

96. “Nothing is more attractive than an intelligent and intellectual man.”

97. “A well-dressed guy is the definition of classy men, not a guy without a shirt.”

98. “Ignorance doesn’t make you macho—education and knowledge do.”

99. “Educate yourself if you want to become a classic macho man.”

100. “Be humble, but don’t let them walk over you.”

101. “Work during easy times, so that there’s no chance of tough times.”

102. “A classic macho man knows his morals and principles.”

103. “Think before your decision, so that you don’t have any regrets in life.”

104. “There is no perfect way of spending life; everyone has their way of living life.”

105. “Learn to act wisely in chaotic situations.”

106. “Slow down and breathe. Life is a journey, enjoy it.”

107. “Sane people make wise decisions, but insane people make excellent decisions.”

108. “Sometimes, you have to think irrationally.”

109. “Being fake in life will get you nowhere.”

110. “Value yourself so that no one can fuck you over.”

111. “I love every part of my life.”

112. “The best nickname that I have ever got is ‘Randy Savage.’”

113. “Being called a macho man is the best thing.”

114. “I am proud that I am known for being a wrestler.”

115. “I’m always jittery, it’s part of my personality!”

116. “I have got a lot of things to take care of. I don’t have time for any negativity.”

117. “Too good to give a shit.”

118. “Everyone is sensitive at some stage of life.”

119. “Having a heart of gold with a savage attitude is also a skill.”

120. “I handled it like Martin Luther King, and I should have handled it like Malcolm X by any means necessary.”

121. “Sore muscles turn into stronger muscles. You just have to trust the process.”

122. “Bodybuilding is a journey. Like life, you have to start somewhere to meet the end.”

123. “Workout as if it is your last one.”

124. “It is the sore muscles that make the journey of bodybuilding memorable and enjoyable.”

125. “A superman isn’t only the one who wears a cape, some go to the gym for bodybuilding.”

126. “Who needs therapy, when you can go to the gym?”

127. “Hit the gym before the weight gain hits you.”

128. “Visit the gym trainer instead of the therapist.”

129. “One hour at the gym a day keeps all the worries and stress away.”

130. “‘One more set,’ I whisper to myself every day at the gym to push my limits.”

131. “Lifting weights and bodybuilding makes my life lively.”

132. “An hour at the gym a day keeps the spirits and toxic bitches away.”

133. “Become a macho man and hit the gym, so that your muscles can match your classiness and fineness.”

134. “Squats are important if you want your sass to match your ass.”

135. “Your profession and love for bodybuilding can go side by side.”

136. “Protein shakes are like drugs—once you are addicted to them, you can’t stop.”

137. “Cheat meals sound like a treat when you have been working hard all week.”

138. “Work hard, but don’t forget to treat yourself on rough days.”

139. “My muscles and strong body are enough to answer my haters.”

140. “I prefer protein shakes over fruit milkshakes.”

141. “A superman isn’t only the one who wears a cape—some go to the gym for bodybuilding.”

142. “Superiority doesn’t just have big muscles to flex on, superiority comes from loving them.”

143. “Muscles of a man are just a measure of a man’s manliness.”

144. “Shut them up with the strength of your muscles.”

145. “I lift heavy weights at the gym each day because with great power comes great muscles.”

146. “Every day, I come closer to becoming a super macho man.”

147. “For a macho man, superiority comes from strengthened muscles.”

148. “Why be a superman when you can be a super macho man?”

149. “Words don’t do justice to the manliness and muscularity of a super macho man.”

150. “It doesn’t matter if you don’t add ‘super’ to the name of ‘macho man,’ because a ‘macho man’ is super already.”

151. “Your muscles are your identification, show them off with pride.”

152. “Be such a good man that they can’t stop talking about your machismo.”

153. “To a macho man, muscularity and machismo are the same thing.”

154. “I check out men’s bicep muscles instead of women’s ass, that’s how macho I am.”

155. “When someone asks me, ‘On a scale of 1 to 10, how masculine are you?’ I reply to him that numbers can’t define my masculinity but my muscles can.”

156. “If you put your heart and mind in achieving your goal, you will surely achieve it one day.”

157. “Start from smaller steps, so that you can end up with bigger success.”

158. “Limits are just boundaries set by your mind.”

159. “If you learn to get past your limits, nothing can stop you.”

160. “Have no limits when it comes to kindness and generosity.”

161. “Aim for higher goals.”

162. “If you want to achieve more in your life, aim for greater things in life.”

163. “The first step towards success is self-love and self-acceptance.”

164. “Everything has a price. Success costs hard work.”

165. “Work till the hard becomes easy and the easy becomes a habit.”

166. “Finesse your way through life to get successful and prosperous.”

167. “Success never comes for you unless you work your ass off for it.”

168. “A macho man works hard for his dreams.”

169. “You don’t get strong muscles after the first day of gym, and you have to be consistent in the journey of bodybuilding.”

170. “On a journey from sore muscles to strong muscles, stay patient and consistent.”

171. “Let your softness influence the hearts of your enemies with love.”

172. “Some matters can be solved by love, not by force.”

173. “Love can do things that force can’t.”

174. “The matters of the heart can’t be understood by the mind.”

175. “Sometimes, you have to think with your heart instead of your brain.”

176. “Wounds of the heart can only be treated with love and care.”

177. “No one has ever achieved anything great in life by hatred, so spread love.”

178. “Know this fact about life: love is better than hatred.”

179. “In life, with love, you can conquer the hearts of your worst enemies.”

180. “Hold no grudge against anyone.”

181. “Mercy and kindness can melt hearts as hard as stones.”

182. “Softness wins over toughness in life.”

183. “No one likes a man who has no mercy or softness in his heart.”

184. “Go to sleep with a clean heart by forgiving anyone who has done something mean to you.”

185. “Have clear and nice intentions.”

186. “Be nice to rude people; they might change one day because of your kindness.”

187. “Be a miser while you are angry, and be generous while you are kind.”

188. “Being soft is a great part of a person’s personality.”

189. “Act like salted caramel—salty but sweet.”

190. “The humbleness of a man makes him look elegant.”

191. “Softness of heart is not harmful, but the softness of the mind is.”

192. “It is okay to be selfless sometimes and serve people completely.”

193. “Treat everyone softly, even your enemies.”

194. “Include softness in your speech if you are willing to convince people for good.”

195. “A soft-spoken man has more influence on people than a man who speaks harshly.”

196. “God loves those who forgive others.”

197. “Go to sleep with a clean heart by asking God for the forgiveness of your sins.”

198. “If you go for it and work for it, God will pave your way for it.”

199. “Live your life with honesty, and God will bestow his endless and precious blessings upon you.”

200. “Irrational thinking can result in a great decision if God is by your side.”

201. “Work sincerely for it, and God will put all the things in the right place for you.”

202. “God is with the ones who are patient and thankful.”

203. “A macho man is sincere to his God and the people around him.”

204. “Be grateful for what you have, and God will bless you with more.”

205. “May God bless the man who invented the idea of punching in the face.”

206. “Jokes and fun make life easier.”

207. “Friends who make you laugh are the best.”

208. “Fill your life with laughs and happiness, not cries and sorrows.”

209. “Humor is the best part of a human’s life.”

210. “Having fun is an important part of life.”

211. “Life gets easier when you don’t take things too seriously.”

212. “Learn to enjoy every moment in life.”

213. “Macho behavior is having hobbies and having fun while doing something that they love.”

214. “Go for it if you love it.”

215. “Ignore people’s negativity if you want to live happily.”

216. “Patience is the best life skill.”

217. “If you know how to be patient, you have won in life.”

218. “For a macho man, nothing is more important than his dignity and respect.”

219. “If you want your dignity to be intact, respect other’s status.”

220. “Being patient while working hard is difficult, but the fruit that it bears is worth the while.”

221. “A macho man is always grateful and patient.”

222. “If someone tries to cross his limits, drag him back to his zone.”

223. “Slap ill-mannered people until they remember their true value.”

224. “Don’t let people get out of their line and walk over you.”

225. “Make people aware of their boundaries while they are around you.”

226. “Never trade your dignity and respect for money.”

227. “You cannot buy respect with money.”

228. “Classiness and swag come from principles and respect, not only from lifting weights.”

229. “Ethics and decency of a man are more important than a man’s looks.”

230. “Accepting others’ success and appreciating them is what makes you an honorable man.”

231. “Don’t hesitate to give your haters a shut-up call when needed.”

232. “Sometimes, all an annoying person needs is a punch in the face.”

233. “The best way to shut your haters up is to punch them in the face.”

234. “Come back stronger every time. If they hit you with a stone, hit them with a brick.

235. “I have got no time for your bullshit.”

236. “Don’t be sad if someone negatively criticizes you. Only insecure people criticize others.”

237. “I wish I could throw fertilizers at people so that they can grow hell up.”

238. “I don’t hold grudges against everyone. Even my enemies should be worthy of me.”

239. “Humble down your haters with your muscles.”

240. “Tolerate no bullshit.”

241. “What can I say about this move? Nothing, so I won’t.”

242. “I’ve been loving music all my life.”

243. “Just because someone acts a certain way on TV, that doesn’t mean he’s like that in real life.”

244. “The same fire the dragon breathes, he shall burn by.”

245. “I don’t want my dad to have a heartbeat with no pulse. Let him go.”

246. “Men who make fun of women have no self-esteem.”

247. “Savagery makes you look cool.”

248. “Being a macho man is such an underrated skill.”

249. “Love it, or leave it.”

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