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50 Kakashi Hatake Quotes on Friendship & Leadership

1. “A ninja must see beyond the unexpected.”

2. “This place makes me think about the I’ve made, and I’ve had many.”

3. “Do not go back. When you live like a ninja, that’s how things end.”

4. “Naruto is always giving the best for people to recognize—for that dream would risk his life at any time. He’s probably tired of crying, he really knows what it means to be strong.”

5. “I’ve been alive longer than you and I’ve had enough problems. You’re not the only one who knows how it feels to lose someone.”

6. “Let it go. You have to forget about revenge. Believe me, in this work, I have met several who feel the same as you.”

7. “The next generation will always surpass the previous one. It is one of the endless cycles of life.”

8. “The people of this village are unlike any other. Even if it means death, there is no one who a partner.”

9. “Those who break the rules are trash but those who leave their friends are worse than the trash.”

10. “The hole in the heart is filled with those around you.”

11. “Sorry, guys, for being late. I think I got lost in the way of life.”

12. “Abandoning duty is not brave. Beneath the brave there is nothing. Those are the words of the previous Hokage.”

13. “So, it seems that neither of us has lived a perfect life, have we? Even so, we are not so bad.”

14. “Sasuke, you are more than just your clan, you are more than just hate. Look into your heart one more time.”

15. “As long as you do not give up, there will always be a salvation.”

16. “In society, those who do not have many skills tend to complain more.”

17. “Friends do not meet with those who give up the memory of their friends and surrender only because things do not go as they want. That will not help fill the hole in your heart, and people do not help those who run without doing anything.”

18. “I will not let my comrades die. I will protect you with my life. Trust me.”

19. “You can’t open the mind to anyone if your mind is not open as well.”

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20. “To know what is right and to ignore it, is to act like a coward.”

21. “I also have important things to protect like a ninja.”

22. “Look, it takes a lot to alter me, but this time my tolerance is lower than ever.”

23. “Beneath this mask is another mask.”

24. “Some people want power and anger when they do not get it. They take that fury and use it against everyone. You do not want that, you would become it.”

25. “Sasuke, I do not like to repeat what I say, but I’ll say it again; forget about revenge.”

26. “Now I understand, you broke the rules for our sake. I’m proud of that.”

27. “Those who follow the path of revenge do not end well. It will tear you to pieces and even if you , the only thing left is nothing—emptiness.”

28. “If I use my Kamui again, it will be the last of my energy and chakra, no doubt I will die! But for now, I must trust the living with this information, it’s the best thing I can do to save the village of Konoha!”

29. “No, you do not understand, that’s why I tell you. You think you understand, that is not the same as understanding it really. You understand?”

30. “The bigger the technique, the more risk it runs who executes it.”

31. “The very fact of living itself means you’re always fighting for your life.”

32. “They say the nail that stands out is the one that ends up hammering.”

33. “If I am still sane by the time I finish with your training, it will be a miracle!”

34. “Only because you face adversity and difficulties is no reason to surrender.”

35. “No matter what happened, you did the best you could.”

36. “I am Kakashi Hatake. Things I like and hate? I do not feel like telling you. My dreams for the future? I’ve never thought about that. About my hobbies, I have many hobbies.”

37. “I shouldn’t have to tell you that we never bring our personal feelings into play. I didn’t think you were capable of it.”

38. “It takes a lot to get me worked up, but this time, my boiling point’s as low as it’s ever been.”

39. “My job is to make sure these kids have as many days as they can where they can be idiots like this.”

40. “It seems like you guys want to kill me. I think eventually the three of you start to like me.”

41. “No matter how deep Orochimaru fell, he always loved him. Now I know how the third Hokage felt.”

42. “Emptiness is something that all help you to fill.”

43. “As long as we’re alive, we have to continue fighting.”

44. “If you persevere and insist, someone will be there to support you!”

45. “If the companions in are gathered around you, hope takes physical form and becomes visible—that is what I believe in.”

46. “Naruto has a mysterious power. Without saying much, he can be friends with whoever, fast.”

47. “My first impression of this group—you’re a bunch of idiots!”



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