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1. “Vengeance is an idiot’s game.” – Arthur Morgan

2. “You don’t get to live a bad life and have good things happen to you.” – Arthur Morgan

3. “We’re thieves in a world that don’t want us no more.” – Arthur Morgan

4. “We’re more ghosts than people.” – Arthur Morgan

5. “Be loyal to what matters.” – Arthur Morgan

6. “We ain’t both gonna make it.” – Arthur Morgan

7. “I gave you all I had. I did.” – Arthur Morgan

8. “You speak as if killing was something I cared about.” – Arthur Morgan

9. “Lack of something to feel important about is almost the greatest tragedy a man may have.” – Arthur Morgan

10. “Life’s greatest adventure is in doing one’s level best.” – Arthur Morgan

11. “Humanists are not characteristically strong in faith, hope, and love.” – Arthur Morgan

12. “We can’t change what’s done, we can only move on.” – Arthur Morgan

13. “Just do one thing or the other, don’t try to be two people at once.” – Arthur Morgan

14. “Hell, I ain’t got much to lose, but you gotta do what’s right and cut some loose. John and his family, I’m afraid I have to insist.” – Arthur Morgan

15. “I feel like you should take your woman and child and get lost.” – Arthur Morgan 

16. “You ugly bastard—you got old and kinda sad. No wonder they all leave you.” – Arthur Morgan

17. “Get the hell outta here and be a goddamn man!” – Arthur Morgan

18. “All them years, Dutch, for this snake?” – Arthur Morgan

19. “Some jobs aren’t for saving, and some legacies are for pissing on.” – Arthur Morgan

20. “I hope it’s hot and terrible, Mrs. Downes. Otherwise, I’ll feel I’ve been sold a false Bill of Goods.” – Arthur Morgan

21. “You enjoy being a rich man’s toy, do ya?” – Arthur Morgan

22. “Maybe we should cut you open, and count the rings of whiskey.” – Arthur Morgan

23. “What is going on, Dutch? What is happening to us? What’s happening to you?” – Arthur Morgan

24. “You’re my favorite parasite—no wait, ringworm’s my favorite parasite. You’re my second-favorite parasite. I lied. Ringworm, then rats with the plague, then you.” – Arthur Morgan

25. “We just got plenty of time, Micah. We all need to have a little chat.” – Arthur Morgan

26. “You’re gonna sleep with your chest open if you ain’t careful, boy.” – Arthur Morgan

27. “You know, all that ever mattered to me was . It was all I knew. It was all I ever believed in.” – Arthur Morgan

28. “I don’t care about your family.” – Arthur Morgan

29. “I had a girl who loved me—I threw that away. My momma died when I was a kid, and my daddy—well, I watched him die. And it weren’t soon enough.” – Arthur Morgan 

30. “You are the only feller who got half of their brain eaten by wolves and ended up more intelligent.” – Arthur Morgan

31. “You, sir, are a fish.” – Arthur Morgan

32. “Look, I’m sorry, friend. I can barely speak English.” – Arthur Morgan

33. “We got sloppier than the town drunk, and they know who we are, and where we are, and what we’re doing.” – Arthur Morgan

34. “Five thousand dollars? For me? Can I turn myself in?” – Arthur Morgan

35. “I do my utmost to avoid you.” – Arthur Morgan

36. “We each made 15 dollars, oh, and a quarter! Don’t forget the quarter!” – Arthur Morgan

37. “Next time, let the wolves eat all your brain—then you’ll be a genius.” – Arthur Morgan

38. “Should I just sneak on now?” – Arthur Morgan

39. “Women voting? Sure, why not? Anyone dumb enough to wanna vote, I say go for it.” – Arthur Morgan

40. “Forgive me if I slip and stab you in the face.” – Arthur Morgan

41. “Does this trolley go to Tahiti?” – Arthur Morgan

42. “Hey, mister!” – Arthur Morgan

43. “More and more of civilization—what a mess we’re making of things.” – Arthur Morgan

44. “You run real good.” – Arthur Morgan

45. “Nothin’ means more to me than this gang. I would kill for it. I would happily die for it. I wish things were different, but it weren’t us who changed.” – Arthur Morgan

46. “You’re a sad little thing, ain’t ya?” – Arthur Morgan

47. “When the time comes, you gotta run and don’t look back.” – Arthur Morgan

48. “You don’t know me.” – Arthur Morgan

49. “In the end, Micah, despite my best efforts to the contrary—it turns out I’ve won.” – Arthur Morgan

50. “Either you’ve got a lazy eye or a lack of respect. Which is it, boy?” – Arthur Morgan

51. “I still don’t believe in nothin’.” – Arthur Morgan

52. “You can—you could give something to Jack. It’s that or—well, I don’t see no way outta this.” – Arthur Morgan

53. “I—I’ll be okay, but do it. For me. And it would make me feel good, if that makes any sense.” – Arthur Morgan

54. “You gonna strangle me too, Dutch.” – Arthur Morgan

55. “We got lawmen in three different states after us.” – Arthur Morgan

56. “I think, as a general rule, Dutch likes to avoid murder within the camp.” – Arthur Morgan

57. “You want trouble?” – Arthur Morgan

58. “John made it; he’s the only one.” – Arthur Morgan

59. “Damn us both!” – Arthur Morgan

60. “I guess I—I’m afraid.” – Arthur Morgan

61. “But you’re my brother.” – John Marston

62. “I never thought I’d say this but, it’s good to see you, Arthur Morgan.” – John Marston

63. “I believe there’s winners and losers, and nothing else beside.” – Micah Bell

64. “Nobody’s taking nothing from me ever again!” – Sadie Adler

65. “We should have killed him months ago.” – John Marston

66. “Guess about all I got left now is doubts. Doubts and scars.” – John Marston

67. “If you lack the stomach to kill for the revolution, at least show me you are willing to die for it!” – Vladimir Reznikov

68. “Why are you so interested in my life? Haven’t you got one of your own?” – John Marston

69. “They’re chasing us hard, because we represent everything that they fear.” – Dutch van der Linde

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