2. “No matter where you are in the world, no matter how much money you have—we are all feeling this collective pain and this grief.”

3. “Success happens when you allow yourself to be in the present moment when we truly let go of any regret of the past or fear of the future.”

4. “People hate working out. Let’s be honest, I hate working out sometimes, too. So you want to be entertained. You want to forget that you’re doing something that you don’t like.”

5. “For me, self-care needs to be emotional, mental, and physical.”

6. “Outside of Peloton, I love to travel and discover the world. Because of my busy life in NYC, I love to find balance and serenity through my meditation practice.”

7. “I love to get uncomfortable because that means we’re moving in the right direction.”

8. “Never looking for perfection, just looking for intention.”

9. “You can achieve greatness.”

10. “If I am not living my truth in everything I do, then I am not doing it right. I want members to have fun while they’re working out, and remember that even though it’s challenging, ‘It’s not that deep!’”

11. “You are capable of things unthought of.”

12. “Wings on tight, find your light, it’s not that deep, Boo.”

13. “If they’re not willing to meet you halfway, they’ve got to go, too, baby, because life is short.”

14. “It humbled me very quickly, but I’m one that loves a challenge.”

15. “If I’m creating change in the world, even if it was just one person at a time, it gives me immense pride.”

16. “You have done harder sh*t than ride a bike to Bieber.”

17. “Live your life like Cody is playing Britney.”

18. “I don’t always ride live. But when I do, it’s with my Boo.”

19. “Love yourself with your whole *ss. None of this half-*ss self-love.”

20. “Don’t be average. Be savage.”

21. “So, I definitely will be bringing the clownery and the foolishness to Dancing with the Stars, but I’m ready to work hard as well.”

22. “Get your life together because mama ain’t getting off this bike.”

23. “Together, we go far.”

24. “You do you, Boo.”

25. “Love ya self, Boo.”

26. “When we play Britney we f*ck sh*t up.”

27. “I get to get on that bike each and every day and perform and act a fool and act a clown.”

28. “In my classes, I’m always thinking about our members on the other side of the camera—someone who might be struggling and really needs my class as an escape. That always motivates me to be a source of light and positivity when the cameras are on.”

29. “Get ready to clutch your pearls. Ring ring, b*tch—wake up. Let it go, Elsa. Wipe that negativity away like an eye booger. Set your intentions. Take a moment to acknowledge you are just slaves to that.”

30. “If cauliflower can be pizza, you can be anything you want.”

31. “Having a purpose is what keeps us happy and joyful. So, if you’re struggling with it, I highly recommend creating a morning and night routine that keeps you connected to your purpose.”

32. “Your energy, your space is precious. Your time is precious, your love is precious. And if someone is taking that for granted, you have to create boundaries then.”

33. “My past experiences, such as working in the service industry and coming from humble beginnings, will always remind me to hang on to staying grounded.”

34. “Trying to disconnect has been one thing for my mental health, but other things I do are seeing my therapist every week, meditating every day, and I journal.”

35. “Love yourself starting here. Be engaged with that one thing that you love about yourself, and start just spreading all the love, using the high five on that leaderboard.”

36. “There’s so many free ways to take care of yourself. First and foremost, you can scream into a pillow. I know that sh*t sounds crazy, but sometimes, you just need to scream into a pillow. Go for a walk.”

37. “I want you right now to think about something that you love about yourself. Maybe it’s your smile. Maybe it’s how compassionate you are. Maybe it’s how funny you are. Maybe it’s how loving you are. Whatever it is, I want you to think about the one thing that you love about yourself. Remind yourself of that every time that it gets hard, every time I ask you to add more resistance. It’s about self-love.”

38. “I’m not always positive. I have tough days, I go through rough patches—we all do. But I allow myself to feel it and process it. Giving yourself the time and space to work through tough emotions, whatever they are, is so important. A little grace can go a long way.”

39. “Your presence is a present, you are a present to this world. You are a present to your loved ones. You are not something that is to be re-gifted, you are something that is to be cherished for years and years and years to come.”

40. “What do you do with an ex? Keep him as a friend or make it a clean break? Let’s just quote , ‘I don’t want to be friends,’ okay? You’ve just got to take time away, and then maybe you can try. Like, a good year or two. Let them do their thing. You do your thing. Then we can maybe see if it works.”

41. “Everyone needs to carve out time for themselves every single day. We give so much of ourselves to other people all day long— family, friends, your boss, co-workers, the list goes on. But you need time for ‘you.’ Just for you.”

42. “Be a needy b*tch. And what I mean by that is, loving yourself, by defining what you need versus what you want.”

43. “The thing is, no matter how big I get or Peloton gets, remaining grounded in gratitude and staying humble is so important.”

44. “It’s a lot more than I thought I was signing up for, especially mentally and emotionally. It’s awesome, but it’s also a challenge and we love challenges.”

45. “Showing that authentically inspires other people to laugh, to not take themselves so seriously, not to take their workout so seriously. And then it takes the fear out of the equation.”

46. “Fix your wig. Get your life together, Boo!”

47. “Don’t settle, settling gets you an ugly boyfriend.”

48. “Adjust your wig. Fix your face.”

49. “Shake them t*tt**s, Boo.”

50. “Don’t be leaving Santa no cheap *ss cookies.”

51. “Booty back. Chest lifted. Wig on tight.”

52. “Shake them b*tch*s, Boo.”

53. “Get those girls on thigh, we’re about to shake it today.”

54. “Put short, I like to lift heavy things and put them down.”

55. “I really love that part of my job because I love being someone that helps other people and like, this is the most incredible, amazing job in the world—especially for someone who’s in fitness—and to be able to kind of guide someone through that process is really rewarding.”

56. “I felt so loved and so supported. So many people’s comments are like, ‘I never watch Dancing With The Stars, so I’m definitely going to tune in.’ Or, ‘I’m tuning in every week. We’re having watch parties,’ so I think that the Blue Crew, the Peloton Fam, is going to come through and we are going to snatch that Mirror Ball trophy.”

57. “I try to strive to really show up every time that I teach a class and be like, ‘How can I make this the best class I can today?’”

58. “When the conversation opportunity came up for ‘Dancing With The Stars,’ I was just so excited to be on the show, I guess I didn’t even think it was a possibility.”

59. “I moved here as a professional dancer and I was also side-gigging in the fashion industry, working for startups, and working for streetwear brands. So that’s kind of my genesis into New York City.”

60. “Dancing With the Stars has been an incredible journey, but it’s also really, really challenging in a lot of different ways.”

61. “My classes are a place where everyone belongs and can find something that challenges them—no matter their fitness level.”

62. “I developed my coaching style by intentionally wanting to be the antithesis of what I’d seen in other boutique fitness classes, where, to me, it felt inauthentic. I wanted to create and carve a space where I could truly be myself authentically—which is messy.”

63. “I like to use really high-energy music like house remixes so there’s that constant drive. For the music-driven classes like Pop Rides, I like to create a theme or go with what my mood is.”

64. “I use it to refuel after class and take care of myself because I don’t really have time to think.”

65. “All of your life experiences culminate into a moment that allows you to be ready for the next step. Having a background in fashion and dance, I gained skills from both that have shaped my approach as a Peloton instructor.”

66. “When teaching, I am vulnerable and raw, but I think that’s a good reminder that we can be messy and get through anything.”

67. “I want someone to take my class, and think, ‘Oh my God, this entire playlist makes sense,’ and the connections between each song completely makes sense.”

68. “I’m kind of a liaison between our producers, our instructors, and really advocating for what our instructors need.”

69. “I was always into fitness. It’s such an integral part of being a dancer, so dance was really the catalyst for me taking fitness even more seriously.”

70. “At a young age, people started to call me a girl, and that was the first attack in fourth or fifth grade. That was the first thing I recognized as people bullying me and questioning who I am because of their attacks and insecurities.”

71. “It really creates this internal battle of staying true to yourself and finding your joy and then trying to live up to these expectations that others are setting on you. So for me, it’s important to show vulnerability.”

72. “So if you can laugh at yourself and then, in turn, make other people laugh at their insecurities—we can just really have fun with the relationship that we’re creating with our bodies and our minds.” 

73. “I love nostalgia and to feel good so that influences my music choices. But it really just depends on the particular class.”

74. “You know I start my day with two glasses all the time. Meditate. Put your phone down.”

75. “My classes are all about music, culture, and having a blast while getting a great workout in.”

76. “I try to not get on my phone for the first hour and a half of the day because I feel like it sucks us in. It’s all about me time in the morning: meditating, yoga, having my coffee, taking a shower, doing me.”

77. “You know how Justin made Britney feel special? He committed to the denim-on-denim ensemble, okay? He was like, ‘I’m a ride or die b*tch. I’m going to wear this.’ Does it look crazy? Absolutely. But if you’re not committed to the relationship enough to wear denim-on-denim on a red carpet, I don’t want the love.”

78. “I’m the biggest Spice Girls fan in the world, so seeing Mel C shook me to my core.”

79. “When’s the last time that you hyped up your Boo—your best friend? When you’re on Instagram, being like, ‘Yes, b*tch, you’re slaying this picture.’ We’ve got to gas up our friends. We’ve got to share the love. Why? Because then we’re going to feel it ourselves. We’re going to let it in. We’re going to feel all the love when we put it out, breaking down those barriers to self-love.”

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