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Which one to buy an ASUS gaming PC? Carefully selected 8 recommended units

Asus gaming pc: Taiwanese manufacturer “ASUS” is famous because it is reasonably priced but has excellent functionality and high-cost performance. This time, we will introduce ASUS recommended gaming PCs. Please refer to it!

What is an ASUS Gaming PC? How is it different from a general PC?

ASUS gaming PCs are PCs equipped with the graphics board required to play games.

Many of the recent PC games sold at consumer electronics retailers are improving the beauty of their images year by year, giving you an immersive feeling as if you were in the game world.

It features a CPU that can perform high-speed processing, including a graphic board, which is necessary for enjoying such images.

How to choose an ASUS Gaming PC

The following four points are essential when choosing an ASUS gaming PC.

  1. CPU

2. GPU (Grave)

3.  Memory

4. Cooling function

Central Processing Unit (loads the game and performs the entire process)

The first point is the “CPU,” which can be said to be the brain of a gaming PC.

Abbreviation for Central Processing Unit, which refers to parts that perform various calculation processes. Since it plays a role as a brain such as output from keyboard and mouse, calculation and input of data from memory, the higher the CPU performance, the faster the processing becomes possible.

By the way, the standard gaming PC is the 8th generation Intel CPU Core i7-8700.

GPU (cleanness of game monitor screen)

Gaming PCs have a graphics board. This “GPU” is a part that performs processing to clearly project characters, images, videos, etc., displayed on display. The higher the clock frequency, the higher the performance of the GPU.

The clock frequency is a value that indicates how many times the clock for operating the CPU is generated per second. If this value is considerable, the image processing will be smooth, and you can project a beautiful image without freezing.

However, since the amount of heat generated by the parts is also significant, it is better to choose a PC with a high cooling function.

Critical points for choosing a gaming PC where the cooling function is also important

Gaming PCs, unlike ordinary PCs used in business, are equipped with 3D graphics, so each part emits heat during use.

Depending on how long you play the game, the cooling may not keep up with the game for a long time, causing freezes and malfunctions, and in the worst case, your computer may be damaged.

For comfortable and long-term use, choose a PC with a lot of coolers and high cooling performance.

Among the many gaming PC makers, Taiwan’s “ASUS” is especially popular.

One of the most popular manufacturers globally, boasting the world’s top share in the manufacture of graphic boards, at a reasonable price that can be purchased from 10,000 yen per unit.

In addition, it is recommended for beginners of gaming PCs because it has a wide variety of portable notebook PCs and has a high design.


“Memory” is a part that temporarily stores and records programs and data during gameplay.

The larger the memory capacity, the more work you can do simultaneously, so there are fewer freezes, and you can play smoothly.

There are five types of memory for gaming PCs: 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 164GB, and 128GB, and 16GB is comfortable editing live video games on YouTube.

3 Recommended Models for ASUS Gaming Desktop PCs with High Functionality


“ASUS ROG STRIX GL12”  equips with the 8th generation Intel Core i7 processor and NVIDIA’s GeForce GTX graphic board.

It has three times the performance of the previous generation graphics card and enables smooth and high-speed screen display even during play.

There are three types of memory, 32GB, 512GB, and 1TB, and the storage capacity is also outstanding. Since it also supports VR, you can enjoy the game while immersing yourself in the immersive virtual reality world.

2. ASUS GTX1050: Asus gaming pc

The ASUS GTX 1050 is for those looking for both gaming and work desktops.

The CPU  equips with the “8th generation Intel Core i5 processor” capable of high-speed processing and has excellent multitasking.

You can perform multiple tasks at the same time, and the movement is smooth. In addition, because it uses high-performance graphics “GeForce GTX 1050”, it is ideal for editing images and videos, and games. In addition, the width of the main body is 176.6 mm, which is a compact size, so it is an excellent point to save space.

3. ASUS G11DF G11DF-R5RX480: Asus gaming pc

“ASUS G11DF G11DF-R5RX480” has two USB3.1 Gen2 and two USB2.0 on the front, a card reader, and two HDMI ports that make it easy to connect the display and VR goggles.

Not only is the interface substantial, but also the quietness is outstanding. It also has an excellent cooling function that prevents the parts from generating heat during play, so you can enjoy the game comfortably without worrying about breakdowns or malfunctions.

Asus gaming pc

“ASUS FX503VD” has a CPU compatible with Intel Core i7-7700HQ and a GPU equipped with “NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050”, so you can feel as if you were there with beautiful images. I will.

The dual-type fan adopts, and the cooling function is also outstanding. The price is relatively reasonable at around 130 million yen, but it has high functionality, so I would recommend it to those who are new to gaming PCs.

5. ASUS G701Vi-Xs72K
Asus gaming pc

The “ASUS G701Vi-Xs72K” to introduced next is a high-performance gaming PC equips with the GPU “NVIDIA GTX 1080” and the CPU “Intel Core i7-7820HK”.

Since the SSD has a large capacity of 512GB, you can read and write running data and programs at high speed.

Therefore, you can enjoy the game comfortably with fewer freezes during play. One of the features is the wide viewing angle of the large 7.3-inch liquid crystal display.

Asus gaming pc

“ASUS ROG STRIX GL503GE” is a large 15.6-inch display. The CPU  equips with Intel Core i7-8750H, and the feature is that the processing speed during play is smooth.

In addition, the weight of the main body is 2.6 kg, which is super lightweight, so it is easy to carry and recommended for those who want to enjoy the game easily on the go. There are three types of memory, 4GB, 16GB, and 128GB.

Asus gaming pc

“ASUS ROG ZEPHYRUS GX501VS” is a lightweight, thin, and highly cost-effective unit equipped with high-performance cooling technology.

The CPU  equips with “Intel Core i7-7700HQ” capable of high-speed processing. Since the GPU uses “NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070”, which boasts an overwhelming speed of 3.8 GHz, video processing is smooth.

In addition, the latest cooling technology, “Active Aerodynamic System,” effectively dissipate the heat generated during play.

Asus gaming pc

“ASUS ROG GL703VM” is a product suitable for those who want to choose by design.

You can set the keyboard’s backlight to a colorful shade, and you can enjoy the visuals.

Not only the height of the design but also the functionality is outstanding. The GPU  equips with “NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060”, and the latest full high-definition games also projected in high quality.

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