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sSuppose you are tired of your poor food processor that can’t work properly, leave chunks of fruits and vegetables too big, and can’t make the sugar powder properly. Abd the blades are few and small with the poor design that traps the food under the blades and the design walls of the jug, so a part of food and time wasted while using these type of food processor and washing. 

The small plastic container is light enough to use only once and breaks. 

And if we talk about the machinery, the low class and cheap that heat ups your food processor and damages and degrades after 6-7 months. 

But dont worry, in these articles, we will guide you about the uses qualities of the best food processors and suggest to you some brands of food processors that you can buy for your home. So, keep starting money saving.

Qualities of a Good Food Processor

While getting a new food processor, keep in mind these following quantities and then select the food processor of your choice.


Check the performance of a food processor to crush or cut your vegetables of the same size so you can cook them easily and cut the fruits in cubes or well-shaped that can look nice while surviving. And also, other qualities like puree, crushing, grinding are present. Also helpful in meat mincing.


Check the blades’ size, sharpness, and numbers to work properly without wasting your precious time.


The design is also important that it dont trap the food inside and dont take too much time to wash. It should be food as well as time-saving.


The size should be according to your need that has enough space to process your food and once and also dont have excess space that your food has more space than need.

So, choose the size according to your mind.

Feeding tube

Usually, all these devices have a tube to pass food into them if it becomes dry wet, it with liquid or oil that the food can pass easily for crushing.


The lid dont be made of slippery plastic side locks are smoothly close and open, and the joints are sealed. So, it’s good to buy.

Easy to handle

The buttons, start, speed up, and pulse should be working well as well as other accessories are easy to join r detach, and instructions should be ideal that easy to understand.

Other accessories

Other accessories like blades, jars, containers are also available with a food processor.

So, according to your kitchen need and all these qualities, keep in mind and decide which food processor can work well for you. And other functions like crushing ice, freezing food, blending ability, etc., are also available in it.

Recommended Best food processor

  • Kenwood kCook Multi CCL401WH Food Processors
  • KitchenAid 5KFP1335 Food Processors
  • Bosch MCM6884 Food Processors
  •  Philips HR7762/90 Food Processors
  • Ufesa Activa Food Processors
  • Bosch MC812M844 MultiTalent 8 Robot
  • Brabantia BBEK1113B Processor

The list of these best food processors helps you buy a new one, and you dont need to google and waste time in the market.

These food processors also have more good qualities like grain grinding, cheese shredding, making purees for soups and current, homemade mayonnaise, meat crushing, etc.

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