How much is a postage stamp?

How much is a postage stamp?

US Postage stamps through the years

The editor found that many netizens are more concerned about how much stamps it costs to send letters now. My friends must also be very interested in the content of the price list of Chinese seals, and they all want to know the specific current situation. Do I need stamps to send a letter? We will explain in detail in three parts. The first part is whether the letter can be mailed now. The second part is whether the postal letter will be notified when the postal letter arrives. The third part is the general mail Heaven is here. In this article, we read about How much is a postage stamp?

To put it simply, the most typical situation is an ordinary letter weighing less than 20g. Domestic (excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) mailing costs: 1.2 yuan postage is enough. (It is a 120-point stamp) If there are other circumstances, such as you, need For registered mail, weighing more than 20g, printed matter, etc., you can read a more detailed article I wrote: Hope.

China stamp price list

You shouldn’t need money for mailing a letter, but the stamp on the envelope must be purchased.

It is recommended to write a registered letter and write the school address directly. In most cases, you will not receive it, and you have to look it up by yourself. It is recommended to ask your sister’s school in advance when sending a letter from your sister’s school. Remember to bring your ID card. Real-name systems are now required. Other suggestions are that if you write frequently, you can stock up on discounted stamps yourself and collect symbols and commemorative meanings.

Do I still need stamps to send the letter?

In other cities, the postage is calculated at 1.2 yuan within 20 grams. If it exceeds 20 grams, you will have to pay 1.2 yuan more for each 20-gram section. For A4 paper, a 70-gram piece is about 4.37 grams. The weight will likely be heavier. Moreover, the weighing of letters by the post office includes the importance of the stamp (or glue) attached to the envelope. However, logos are generally very light.

Local letter within 20 0.8 yuan within 100 g1.2, national letter within 20 1.2 yuan within 100 2.4 yuan, postcard nationwide 0.8 yuan.

Can I still mail a letter now?

The price of the letter is only distinguished by the local city and the other city. There is no domestic price in the province. The cost in the area is calculated according to the national price. The domestic ordinary mail postage starts at 1.2 yuan (20 grams, of course, if you send a letter or a greeting card or something, A 1.2 yuan stamp is enough. It’s okay if it’s overweight if it’s something heavier (such as a copy.

This question is the same as asking if you need money to buy things. Although you don’t need to pay for the letter sent by the soldier, it costs money.

Will you be notified when the postal letter arrives?

So, if you want to send a letter now, you will be at a loss for a while. No envelope; no stamp; don’t know how to send it; don’t know where the post office is; there is no envelope or stamp when I go to the post office; I’m busy at work and don’t have time to write; It’s so good-looking, I’m embarrassed to take it out; so now.

Letters within 20 grams cost 1.2 yuan for ordinary letters and 4.2 yuan for registered letters. For those exceeding 20 grams, 1.2 yuan for standard letters and 1.2 yuan for 20 grams of written notes.

Bottom Line

Thank you. Today, people also send letters, including personal letters, business letters, etc. Stamps are also used, but the number used is much less than that of thirty years ago, because in the mid-19th century to the 20th century In the 1970s and 1980s much is a postage stamp, the long-distance, low-cost means of communication between people for more than 100 years was to write letters to each other and send them to each other.

So the above content is some information about how much stamps it costs to send a letter now. I hope this article can help netizens get some content they want to know. The price list of Chinese symbols is carefully collected and compiled by the editor, and I hope it will be helpful to everyone. Scroll down, and there are many related articles recommended, don’t miss the excellent content!

Do you still need stamps to send letters now? If you think it’s good to write letters now, I hope you can forward them and recommend them. Now, if you can give us more help and support, we will do better. If you have any questions about whether you can still mail the letter now, please comment.

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