How much to spend on an engagement ring?

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In our consultations for engagement rings in the Stuttgart store, the question of the cost of the engagement ring is one of the most important points in the consultation. Equating with the topic “How do I determine the ring size of my partner”, the question of the cost of the engagement ring under the nails burns the men. We cannot and will not be able to give you an unromantic number at this point that you should spend on the engagement ring. In this post, however, we will help you determine the right budget for the engagement ring that you are comfortable with. We give you helpful tips for the purchase decision and explain which factors influence the price of the engagement ring. In this article, we read about How much to spend on an engagement ring?

1-What does the price of the engagement ring depend on?

The price of an engagement ring is mainly determined by the material used and by the number, weight, and quality of the diamond (s).


Choosing the right precious metal is important for the durability and longevity of the ring. We use platinum, yellow gold, white gold, rose, and rose gold for our engagement rings. Cheap materials like silver are not meant to last forever much to spend on an engagement ring. We, therefore, advise against a silver engagement ring who would like to wear the ring after the wedding.


As a rule of thumb, the larger the diamond, the more valuable the ring, and the higher the stone quality, the more the diamond sparkles.

The engagement ring must optically match the person. An engagement ring with a large gemstone is not appealing to people with very delicate hands. Better to upgrade the engagement ring with a higher quality stone than with a diamond that is too large. Germans prefer a higher quality diamond than a large diamond. In the US it’s the other way around. Here the stone is better big and the “quality lower”.


Branded engagement rings, such as those from Tiffany or Cartier, are in the higher price spheres. So make the decision whether it really has to be an engagement ring from a special brand, because you usually can’t tell by looking at them.

The production quantity also plays a role! Is it a mass product that is sold in large quantities worldwide at low prices or is it a ring that is made in small series by a manufacturer in Germany with precise craftsmanship ?!

2-engagement ring etiquette – what is my budget?

When asked how much an engagement ring should cost, there is no defined rule. In our experience, most men base the engagement ring price on their salary. Without knowing exactly, we estimate that our customers spend an average of a third of their monthly salary on an engagement ring. The average in stationary retail in Germany is currently just under € 1000 (source for an application ring.

But many men forget that buying is not all about money. For many women, the engagement ring has an emotional meaning that cannot be outweighed in monetary terms.

3 quick facts why the engagement ring is an emotional gift:

 The special day of the application – one of the most beautiful days in the life

The proof of the love of the most important person in life

Engagement rings are often passed on as heirlooms


In many engagement ring forums, a rule from the USA is discussed, which says that the ring for the loved one should cost at least 3 months’ salary spend on an engagement ring. In Germany and Austria, however, this rule is not realistic. We even consider this myth to be completely exaggerated.

You hear this “rule” again and again, but it seems to be more of a legend from the USA. Far larger diamonds are bought here as a status symbol for the engagement ring, and the prices of the rings rise with it. The status of the engagement ring is far greater overseas than in Germany. The wedding rings are not as important there as in Germany.

If you already know that your partner wants a particular ring that is actually too expensive for you, then you have to make a decision. Do you take the risk of disappointing your partner, or do you play it safe and prefer to invest a few euros more for your first piece of jewelry?

You will not believe how many times we have heard this sentence with a disappointed face: Honey, it should have been this one! This should not encourage you to buy a more expensive ring. On the contrary: it should rather shake you awake that women have expectations and that these can turn out to be very different.

See it relaxed. If you buy an engagement ring for 1000 € it will cost. You just a few cents a day for a period of 40 years. At this point, for comparison, ask yourself how much you spent on your last smartphone. And how long it was used or lasted.

3-Will the engagement ring be bought together?

Only about 5% of our customers come into the business with their partner for an engagement ring consultation. The engagement has usually already taken place here and the ring is chosen together. The advantage is that there are no problems with the ring size issue and any size changes. However, in the emotional moment of the actual engagement, you are missing the ring!

4-What Are Popular Engagement Rings In 2021?

Finely crafted engagement rings in rose with classic shapes, such as a 6-claw setting, are particularly popular this year. However, engagement rings made of white gold are still bestsellers. The diamond looks particularly noble in its bright, shiny silver color.

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