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How to become a voice actor.  A little-known profession in the world of cinema and television is that of the voice actor. This fascinating job requires sensitivity, dedication, a good dose of talent, and an ad hoc training course.

The voice actor is a professional who lends his voice for films, cartoons, commercials, for the voiceover of documentaries, and even for video games.

 Voice Actor In Italy

Italy is one of the countries that boast the best professionals in this field, thanks to a long tradition dating back to the Fascist era when films in foreign languages ​​were prohibited. We can remember these names, for example, Claudio Sorrentino, Luca Ward, and Giancarlo Giannini.

Often, even the skill of the voice actors seems to surpass that of the actors of the film since they have to excite the viewer without the help of gestures. It is therefore clear that this profession cannot be improvised: in addition to character qualities such as sensitivity and determination, other characteristics are needed, among which the main one is undoubtedly the voice, which must be pleasant or particular. This characteristic must be cultivated to enhance the timbre best. Then it would help if you had familiarity with the microphone and excellent diction, that is, the ability to pronounce the words correctly and without dialectal inflections; for this reason, it is good to study language, phonetics and acting.

How to become a Voice actor

A specific qualification is not necessary to become a voice actor. Even if a degree in performing sciences or literature does not hurt. Still, there are training courses offered by acting and theater schools that can give a solid preparation.

Most of these schools are located in Rome, the center of cinema and cinecittà headquarters, and in Milan. Where there is the possibility of specializing in fiction and advertising. In Milan, for example, there are the CTA, the Adc school and that of Dream & Dream, and the school of Federico Danti, while in Rome, one of the best-known schools is that of Roberto Chevalier. Turin can also boast excellent schools, such as Mario Brusa’s Ods and Sergio Tofano.

It is also essential to attend as many dubbing rooms as possible to learn the tricks of the trade in the field and confront professionals in the sector: not only voice actors but also translators, sound engineers, assistants, and dialogists. Participating in castings and auditions is also a way to promote yourself and gain experience.

Bottom Line

The entry into the world of work. For a voice actor, can take place through casting and auditions or having the merit (or the good fortune) to start working through the director of the course one has attended, or, again, show up in the studies and ask to assist in understanding how to work in the field and possibly have the opportunity to do an audition.

As in many other professions, the beginning of the career path can be difficult. So it is essential not to give up at the first difficulties and to take into account that. There is a lot of competition and the pace of work is in any case very intense. Therefore patience and perseverance are needed, but personal and economic satisfaction are not lacking.

The last thing to know about becoming a voice actor is related to the fees. Which vary depending on the production. Films, documentaries, cartoons, soaps, commercials, and so on have different rates. In any case, it is necessary to open the VAT number.
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