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How to Clean MacBook Screen By Using 4 Unique Steps

For apple lovers, they introduce MacBook.The MacBook is introduced as a notebook computer. It is a brand of Macintosh notebook designed by apple inc. people who use MacBooks they always want to make sure their device is clean. But they did not know how to clean MacBook screen, so in this article, I will guide you on how to clean MacBook screen and I will provide you with some exciting and amazing ways to clean MacBook screen.

Should Not Do:

Because macbook is an expensive device and it is also an electronic device so you must have knowledge  about how to clean macbook screen without damge it. Firstly avoid to put wet thing on the back because it may damage the battery of your macbook. 

How to Clean Macbook screen 3 Exciting Ways:

Lets dive into the topic how to clean macbook screen in this part i will guide you how can you completly clean your screen by using 3 amazing ways so lets start.

Cheapest Way:

It is the most cheapest and way to clean macbook or other laptop screen, for this precess you must have require following items.

  • Liquid Detergent
  • Lint Free cloth
  • Water
  • Bowl 
  • Old Spray Bottle

Make a mixture of water and liquid detergent in a bowl and put it in spray bottle. Spray a little on the screen of macbook or other laptop and wipe lint free cloth on screen in circuler form that way did not damge your screen.

Second Way:

If you want to clean macbook or other laptop screen in just one step. You will get a speical spray for cleaning and for shining screen of your laptop just spray on the screen and wipe with a dry lint cloth.


Third and Best Way:

If you want to clean your screen offically and want to use fancey way then apple launch a microfiber cloth which cost is 20 to 25 USD. apple recomond this cloth for better result.

How to Clean macbook Screen  Steps?

Step1: Shutdown Your MacBook and unplug power plug.

Step2: Take a Lint free or Microfiber cloth and clean the screen with the help of It. (https://www.businessinsider.com/how-to-clean-macbook-screen)

Step3: apple provide us a spray for shining of screen just spray it after cleaning dirt particle from screen and wipe it.

Step4: wipe it with dry microfiber Cloth.



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