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How to clean sterling silver?

clean sterling silver. Sterling silver is very popular with jewelry makers. The material is lovely to shape and looks nice and shiny. Unfortunately, it is also susceptible to stains, so cleaning is necessary after a while. The problem lies in the strong tendency of 925 silver to oxidize and tarnish in the process. Contact with salt and water is to blame, as is a connection with sulfurous materials. This isn’t easy to prevent in practice.

When sterling silver tarnishes …

If sterling silver starts to tarnish, that doesn’t mean it’s inferior by any means. On the contrary: the material is just the way it is and has to be cleaned regularly. Some even purposely blacken their silver!

Salty sweat, sulfurous hair ties, shampoo, humidity: these are just a few of the things 925 silver doesn’t like; it reacts to contact with black spots. Nevertheless, lean back and relax, then here comes your rescue: our cleaning instructions.

3 Effective Methods: How To Clean Up Your Sterling Silver

1. The saltwater immersion bath

If the stains stick a little more firmly, then wrap your jewelry in aluminum foil and place it in a small container with saltwater. Please wait a while and then take the silver out again to dry it off thoroughly.

2. A bath in soapy water

If you don’t have silver cleaning cloths or aluminum foil on hand, you can use water and washing-up liquid. This is not quite as effective, but it does help a little. Bathe the jewelry in it, then rub it nicely and then dry it off thoroughly.

3. Use a silver dip

If nothing else works, take a silver dip from the drugstore, this is particularly radical. Follow the enclosed instructions to clean your silver as best as possible.


In this case, it is essential not to use a household cleaner. These agents can damage the silver and make your jewelry unusable!
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