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How to Combine Videos on iPhone Easily in 2021

Until a while ago, photography was common, How to combine videos on iphone but recently, more and more people are taking videos and posting them on SNS.

However, which app should be used for video editing, such as connecting short videos?

I think many people are at a loss.

An app that is easy to use even for the first time is good

I want to keep costs down, so a free but well-featured app is good

An app that allows stylish editing even for a fee is good

I’m wondering if there is an app that meets your needs.

This time, we will introduce a recommended video editing app for connecting images.

If you are looking for a video editing app, please check it out.

Use a video editing app to connect images.

Use the video editing app to connect multiple recorded video files into a single video.

With a video editing app, you can connect videos and filter them and use various effect functions called effects such as subtitles and audio.

On the other hand, few apps only connect videos, and, commonly, some effect is provided as a function.

Therefore, you need a video editing app to connect videos.

9 Recommended Video Editing Apps for Connecting Videos

Now, I will introduce the recommended video editing apps for connecting videos.

Recommended video editing app: VivaVideo

A video editing app with 800 million users worldwide.

It is easy to operate even if you have no editing experience, and there is an explanation FAQ for beginners, so you will be able to use it immediately.

It is also attractive that you can make a movie automatically by tapping the application button.

Also, if you become a VIP member, you can use all the paid functions in the app.

If you get used to it and become unsatisfied, you may want to become a VIP member.

Main installed functions
Characters / stickers BGM / sound effects trimming
Video size / background collage Multi-screen split
Customized watermark Keyframe Parameter adjustment
Enlarge/shrink the video filter Transition


Recommended video editing app: iMovie

With its sleek design and intuitive multi-touch gestures, iMovie lets you create Hollywood-like trailers and high-level movies.

If you are an iPhone user, it is installed by default, so it is recommended to try it once.

There is a trailer template, so you can easily make a fashionable movie.

Also, if you select a theme, frames and BGM will be inserted automatically, so even beginners can finish the video at a high level.

Main installed functions
Trailer template Original theme Video filter
Slow-motion / fast forward Picture in picture Green screen
Keyboard compatible Narration insertion Split screen
Transition Animation drop zone  

Recommended video editing app: My editing

My video editing is a series and is an easy-to-use app for each purpose.

Editing: Basic video editing app

My Subtitled Video: App for adding subtitles

My Dubbing: An app dedicated to dubbing

Let’s download it according to the purpose.

There is no in-app purchase for my editing so that you can use it with confidence.

As for editing, there are many simple operations, so you can edit without getting stuck.

Even if you get stuck, you can check the basic operation method in the tutorial video, so it is also recommended for beginners.

Tip: Download Photo Editor App Here PicSkills.

Main installed functions
Playback speed adjustment Volume adjustment Reverse playback
Transition Transition length adjustment Change the order of connecting videos
trimming tutorial

Recommended video editing app: FilmStory

There are many types of transitions, and you can make your favorite videos.

To use it, select the video and insert your favorite BGM.

If you want to stick to editing, you can instantly use the processing filter to create a stylish movie.

Once you get used to it, we also recommend the paid version of FilmStory Pro.

Main installed functions
Transition subtitles filter
music Sorting videos Display time setting

Recommended video editing app: InShot

Recommended video editing app: InShot

With ⅠnShot, you can enjoy video editing with almighty.

With InShot, which has many features, you can even include images in the videos you create.

You can also freely remove the watermark (InShot logo) that is often found in apps.

Few free apps can be done so far, so it is a recommended app for trying various editing.

Main installed functions
trimming Change the order of videos Split
Zoom in-out filter Speed ​​adjustment
music effect Narration
Text & emoji Video rotation & flip


Recommended video editing app: Beirut How to combine videos on iphone

Beirut is a video editing app developed for beginners.

The interface (edit screen) is simple and easy to understand, and you can create a high-level movie with complicated settings and just a few taps.

All the explanations in the app are in English, but there are many intuitive functions that you can operate without any confusion.

This app is recommended for introducing video editing.

Main installed functions
filter Transition trimming
Cut out Rotate / flip Speed ​​change
music Reverse playback Zoom in-out


Recommended video editing app: Perfect Video

In addition to basic cut editing, it has almost all the functions required for video editing, such as background music insertion, text, transitions, and filters.

However, the free version has a video length of up to 30 seconds, so you need to download the paid version if you want to edit a longer video.

It’s better to try the free version and move to the paid version if you like it.

Main installed functions
Cut edit music text
filter Automatic editing Picture in picture
Clip cutting/joining Split Reverse playback
Rotate / flip mosaic Transition

Recommended video editing app: Kinemaster How to combine videos on iphone

Kinemaster is simple but has full-fledged functions.

It is possible to capture photos in a video, create stylish videos with effect functions such as blurring and text functions.

You can create satisfying videos with the free version, but if you want to be more particular about editing, the paid version is recommended.

In the case of the paid version, it can be said that it is for those who are very particular about it, such as export with high image quality.

Main installed functions
Color adjustment tool Inversion music
Speed ​​adjustment filter text
trimming Transition Keyframe animation tool


Recommended video editing app: Magisto How to combine videos on iphone

Over 120 million users enjoy making videos with Magisto.

It is an excellent app that automatically edits and processes just by selecting a video and selecting BGM in the app.

You can also upload the created video to SNS etc., and you can visualize how much the video is being watched in a graph.

Magisto is perfect for video marketing.

Also, if you start to feel unsatisfied, we recommend switching to the paid version.

The paid version also increases the number and length of videos that can be saved.

Main installed functions
BGM theme Playback player


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