How to get water out of your ears?

How to get water out of your ears

What are ears?

How to get water out of your ear. The ear is an organ of hearing and balancing. It consists of three parts: the outer ear, middle ear and inner ear. The outer ear consists of the ear canal and pinna, and the outer ear is the visible part of the ear. The middle ear consists of a tympanic cavity and ossicle. The inner ear consists of keys of several senses. Sound waves travel to the outer ear, then pass through the middle ear, and then transmit to the inner ear’s nerves. The nerve transmits the information to the brain, where it saves as sound.


Ear provides us balance in the moving and stationary phases.

The ear provides two types of balance.

Static balance allows us to feel the effects of gravity.

Dynamic balance allows us to feel or sense the acceleration

Why does water get stuck in ears?

Playing in the summer can be fun for all ages. Summer is a great season for enjoying swimming and playing in the water to have fun and get freshness. While enjoying and splashing water, get stucks in our ears. We feel the fullness of the ear canal and water moving around in our ears. It may happen in one or both ears.

When the water gets stuck in our ears, it may cause an infection called otitis externa.

Both kids and adults had significant risks of getting stuck in their ears when going under the water.

How to get water out of your ear?

If water gets stuck in your ear, you may get relief from these few home remedies.

Jiggles the infected earlobe

I was jiggling the earlobe while shaking the head towards the shoulder. You can also try to shake your head from side to side.

Apply warm compress

Apply a warm compress on the infected ear for 30 seconds and remove it for one minute. Repeat this process approximately five times.

By using a blow dryer

You can also get the water out of your ear by using a blow dryer. You have to set the blow dryer to its lowest range and keep it 1 foot away from the infected ear so that it may not infect the ear canal. Shake your ear downward and move the dryer forth and back so that the water evaporates by the heat of the dryer.

Lying down toward the surface to get water out of your ear 

It would help if you lay down toward the surface so that the water drains out from your ear by gravity.

Using ear drops to get water out of your ear 

You can use hydrogen peroxide ear drops, which helps unclog the earwax, debris, and water stuck in your ear.

By using olive oil 

You can repel water from your ear by using olive oil. Moreover, olive oil helps to prevent infection in the ear.

  1. In a small bowl, slightly warm some olive oil. To test the temperature, place a few drops of oil on your palm.
  2. Place a few drops of olive oil in your infected ear with the help of a clean dropper. 
  3. Lie on the other side for 10 minutes, then sit and tilt the ear downward. The water should drain out from your ear.


Don’t use these methods if your middle ear is the infected and perforated eardrum.

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