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How to include your kids in your wedding invitation:

Wedding invitations are the most crucial part of your wedding. Couples decide for themselves what sort of invites they should select and from whom the invite should be sent. Most people send wedding invites in their parents’ names as an honor.

However, it is not mandatory as things have changed. It has been an old tradition now that parents were responsible to send invites of their children’s weddings. Today, the time has changed couple has sent invites by their names instead of following the old tradition. It has now been a new trend and it is amazing.

Moreover, as old customs are dying down people are getting married to divorcees as well as widows. They too accept their partner’s children with all their hearts. In such a situation who should send the invitation to family and friends?

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Couples like to send invitations through their children. It does not only make it cute but entertaining as well. 

What makes the wedding invite attractive when designed by your kids?

When your wedding invite is written by your kids it obviously will be a cute invite. Firstly, your kids’ handwriting is the best thing that will melt the hearts of your guests. Secondly, the things your kids would write in the invitation will be a source of entertainment.

Lastly, the beautiful drawing they will make of you and your spouse will be a cherishing image.

Let’s see how to design your wedding invitation.

Tips to design your wedding invite from your child:

While designing your wedding invitations remember the following tips to make it attractive:

  1. The most attractive words are Mummy and Daddy. Make sure to include these sweet words by your kid.
  2. Fun annotations make the card entertaining. Ask your kid to write about your new spouse. They may write respectful stuff such as “my new mom is really lovely, and she has pretty eyes”
  3. Ask them to write about you too. If you are a dad, they may write “My mom is intelligent while daddy is silly”.
  4. Do not use your son or daughter’s handwriting in the whole invite as it should be readable as well. The important information such as the Venue and Menu should be written in some stylish and readable font to make your invitation presentable.
  5. Ask your kids to draw a picture of your spouse, yourself, and the kids too. Ask your kids to imagine that they are going to be a new family. It will help them to visualize the wedding scene and they may draw better. The drawing will serve as a beautiful piece of art on your wedding card.
  6. If your kids are too young to draw it is better to use their thumb or handprints. It will add beauty to your wedding invite. Moreover, it will show your love to your kids.
  7. You can also add a letter from your children to the wedding invite. In the letter, they can highlight what they are feeling and what they felt when they knew that they are going to get a new mom or what they feel about your new spouse, and how happy they are.
  8. As children are more artists than adults. Therefore, ask your children to add more colors and designs to the wedding card. 

Benefits of designing your wedding invite by your kids:

Designing wedding cards by your kids is a wonderful step to involve your kids in your wedding activities. Your kids should not feel left out at any cost as you have got married for their sake as well. Kids enjoy weddings the most. The beautiful thing about it is that it helps kids to accept the new person in their family and increase their love for your spouse as well. It helps your spouse to be more loveable towards your kids. In short, it can serve as a factor to establish a strong bond between your kids and spouse. Moreover, it makes your wedding memorable. The cute invite can be used as a decoration piece full of memories.

Moreover, such wedding invites are good for small budget wedding invitations.



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