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Make diaper cake yourself

The most popular baby gift for birth is a homemade diaper cake. In addition to the cute look, this unique baby gift is awe-inspiring because of its usefulness. Because in addition to all kinds of diapers that the new parents can always use, the diaper cake is also decorated with practical baby gifts for birth.

Diaper cake handicraft instructions

All you need to make a multi-tier diaper cake yourself is a little time, love, and good diaper cake instructions. The most important thing is good preparation. Therefore, think about beforehand which colors your diaper cake should have and which materials you will need. The following list will help you.

Craft materials:

  • Diapers, size 3, 70 pieces
  • One large cardboard or
  • a cake plate as a base
  • A nice bottle (e.g., a juice bottle or body lotion for mom)
  • Scissors and pins
  • Rubber bands small, approx. 3 cm, 70 pieces
  • Rubber bands large, approx. 8 cm, eight pieces
  • Colored fabric ribbons and bows
  • Matching wrapping paper
  • Small baby gifts

With which pretty and valuable things you decorate, the diaper cake at the end is up to you. In addition to practical baby utensils, these can also be small things for the expectant or new mother. For example, nursing tea or a beautiful body lotion is also suitable for decorating the diaper cake. Depending on the size and height of your diaper cake, the number of diapers, as well as the required materials and baby gifts, can, of course, vary.

Step by step to the pamper cake

Before you start making your diaper cake, it is advisable to spread out all of the diaper cake crafting utensils on a table. This means that you always have everything close at hand.

Step 1: make a pad for the diaper cake.

So that your diaper cake has a stable stand later and can transport it better, you first make the cake pad. To do this, take the large piece of cardboard and cut it round. A diameter of around 35 cm is recommended here. To make the round part of cardboard prettier, wrap it in matching wrapping paper.

Alternatively, a cake plate or a pretty tray can also be used to base the diaper cake. This gives you a new baby gift for the parents-to-be or the new parents.

Step 2: roll diapers for the cake

Once you have made an excellent mat for your diaper cake, you start rolling all the diapers. To do this, the diapers are unfolded and turned over. Now roll up the diapers so that the printed side is inside. This means that you end up with uniform, white diapers. Secure each roll with a small rubber band so that it doesn’t open up again. Alternatively, you can also pull tiny baby socks over individual diapers. This will loosen up the look of your diaper cake a little.

Step 3: Stack the diapers into a cake

Now it’s time to stack the diapers. Start with the bottom tier by first placing a bottle in the center of your cake pad. The bottle serves to stabilize the diaper cake. Instead of a juice bottle, you can, of course, hide a pretty body lotion for mom as a baby gift. Then you put a large elastic band around the bottle and start by tucking a row of diapers between the bottle and the elastic band. The first row of diapers now surrounds the bottle. Then the second row of diapers tucks around the first row with the help of another elastic band, followed by a third row. The first floor of the diaper cake is already finished. For the special surprise effect when unpacking the diaper cake, you can also hide small baby gifts such as baby powder or care wipes in the spaces in between.

The second and third floors are done the same way as the first, only with fewer diapers.

For a three-tier diaper cake, you will need:

  • 42 diapers for the lowest level
  • 22 diapers for the 2nd floor of the diaper cake
  • Six diapers for the top bottom of the diaper cake

Step 4: Decorate the diaper cake with ribbons and small gifts

Once all the diapers have been arranged into a diaper cake, it is time to decorate it. To do this, first, take a wide ribbon of fabric and cut it to the correct length. Then put a band of material around each floor so that the elastic bands are hidden. The fabric ribbons can either attach with a pin, or you can tie a pretty bow. The homemade diaper cake looks particularly classy if you place two color-coordinated fabric ribbons on top of each other instead of one stripe. With this variant, make sure that the lower band of fabric is wider than the upper one. Now the diaper cake can decorate with other small gifts.

Small stuffed animals or a baby bottle are suitable as diaper cake toppers. If you want to give away a personalized baby gift, you can also write the baby’s name on small pennants and make diaper cakes topper yourself with the help of some rope and paper straws.

Decorate diaper cakes for boys and girls

Depending on whether the newborn will be a boy or a girl, you can decorate the diaper cakes individually and adjust the color. The basic structure for this extraordinary baby gift is always based on these handicraft instructions. You have to choose other decorative and fabric ribbons and baby utensils. If the baby’s gender is still a secret, you can use neutral colors when designing diaper cakes. In this case, green or yellow tones are particularly suitable.

Diaper cakes girl: A dream in delicate pink tones

In soft pink tones, your diapers cakes for girls look particularly cute as a baby gift. There are no limits to decorating diaper cakes. Pink-colored socks that you put around individual diapers, a small grip ring that you can attach to the side of the diaper cakes, and pink shoes as diaper cakes toppers are particularly suitable for decorating.

Small baby gifts that you can hide inside between the individual diapers ensure that special surprise effect. This can be baby bodysuits in neutral colors or pink bibs, for example. When choosing the ribbon, you should make sure that the pink tones don’t bite each other in the end. This can make the diaper cakes seem pretty restless. Your baby gift for the birth will look particularly classy if you combine pink and gray ribbons to decorate the diaper cakes.

Diaper cakes boy: Playful in pastel shades of blue

If you already know that the baby present is for a boy, you can decorate your diaper cakes for boys with pastel shades of blue. Single-colored and subtly patterned ribbons in light blue are suitable for decoration. Great contrasts are also set with dark blue bows. This makes the diaper cakes look a little more playful.

With this variant of the diaper cakes, you can also cover individual diapers with tiny blue socks. Dotted socks look particularly cute. Bodies in neutral colors, as well as a bib or a Molton cloth, can wonderfully hide inside the cake. Small blue bottles with care products, a color-matching pacifier and a pacifier chain in matching shades of blue, and a small stuffed animal attached to the side of the diaper cakes with pins complete the decoration of your diaper cakes for boys. The diaper cakes topper is, of course, always a unique eye-catcher. In addition to a personalized pennant chain with a name, a cute baby bottle is particularly suitable.
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