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How to make iced tea?

Iced tea is one of the famous and refreshing summer drinks. It is an excellent source of hydration. Suppose you like to party with friends or family during the hot summer days. Chill your day with refreshing and cool iced tea. You can make your iced tea in no time, and you can enjoy it with different fruits and flavors of your choice.

You can make ice tea with regular tea bags and loose tea leaves. We prefer to use filtered water to smooth and delicious ice tea because tap water contains excess minerals and salts that can ruin the taste. You can add the sweetener of your choice to your ice tea to make it flavorful and delicious. In addition to that, you can also add fruit of your choice to enjoy it according to your taste. Follow the instructions to make perfect, refreshing, and flavorful ice tea.

Steps to make iced tea.

Step 1

Take 2 cups of filtered water in a saucepan and bring it to a boil. When it starts boiling and begins to make bubbles add six regular-sized tea bags in it and if you are using loose tea leaves, add four tablespoons of loose tea leaves. Please bring it to a boil. Keep in mind that excess boiling extracts more flavor from the tea, making solid and bitter ice tea. 

Step 2 

Remove the tea bags from the tea, and if you like sweet ice tea, add sugar and sweetener of your own choice. You can use honey, maple syrup, coconut sugar, and agave syrup to make your tea sweet. 

Step 3 

Add the remaining 4 cups of water and stir it well. Chill it in the refrigerator for 60 minutes. Serve it with lemon or cucumber slices and mint leaves as a topping if it suits your flavor. 

Stored iced tea 

You can use stored or tin-packed ice tea in the refrigerator, and it can be used in a week, 8 to 10 days. 

Different flavors of ice tea 

You can enjoy your ice tea with different fruit flavors of your choice. However, it gives a unique taste to your ice tea. 

  • Peach iced tea 

You can use peach slices and peach flavors or peach juice in your ice tea to make it flavourful and give it a fruit flavor of your choice.

  • Apple iced tea 

If you are fond of apples, then you can add apple slices or apple juice to your tea to give a unique apple flavor to your tea.

  • Mint and strawberry iced tea 

You can add mint leaves and strawberry slices to your ice tea. Mint and strawberry give a unique and tasty taste to your green tea.

  • Boba pearl iced tea 

If you like boba pearls, you can add a boba pearl layer on the bottom and add a topping of your tea to give it a quirky flavor and texture.

  • Lemon and lime iced tea 

You can give your ice tea a refreshing and unique taste by adding lemon and lime slices to your tea.

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