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How to remove blackheads from nose?

Everyone likes to appear beautiful in this modern and ever-grooming world. To do so, women and men visit salons and undergo regular facials sessions to ensure that their skin is fresh and glowing every time. Blackhead removal was considered the most important yet painful part of the deep skin cleansing process. A few decades back, the salon attendants used a blackhead removal to remove those dark black spots that accumulated on the skin. Blackheads are dirt and sebum particles collected in the open pores which turn black when exposed to air continuously.

What are the causes of blackhead accumulation?

If you have oily skin, it might be possible that your pores are open enough to gather all the oil (sebum) and dirt in them. They, later on, turn black and form blackheads. Those who do a lot of makeup and do not let their skin breathe are most likely to have blackheads on their nose and nearby region.

People who fail to take care of their skin regularly, such as not scrubbing and cleansing regularly, suffer from this problem. It has nothing to do with keeping up a good diet and all! It is all about keeping your face clean and void of dirt particles.

How do you get rid of them?

It isn’t easy to get away from blackheads forever. They will never leave you alone once they have formed. However, their growth can be inhibited and suppressed by following the below-stated remedies:

  • As we have stated earlier, it is highly important to keep washing the face regularly to have minimal chance of blackhead, Whitehead, and acne formation. Do not over-wash or over clean your face because you might also wash off the essential skin oils from it, which may result in dry patches formation.
  • You can also try to use nose pore strips. They are now of different types like rosewater and charcoal strips. They are adhesive and have to be pasted firmly on the roof of the nose to make a grip. Its adhesiveness pulls the blackheads out from the pores by opening them. However, no one has got 100 percent results from it.
  • Weekly scrubbing is another way to get rid of these uninvited blackheads. This has to be done with a good and effective scrubbing cream.
  • You can also take steam every week. It will help clean your sinuses, but it will also help to open your clogged pores for blackheads removal.

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