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How to remove superglue from your skin?

Remove super glue from skin. In the heat of the moment, superglue quickly lands on the skin when doing handicrafts. However, removing the mishap isn’t as difficult as you might think. We explain how you can get rid of the annoying adhesive film.

The most important things at a glance to remove super glue from skin:

  • If superglue gets into your eyes or mouth, please consult a doctor immediately
  • After a few days, superglue will dissolve on the skin by itself
  • You can get rid of superglue faster with acetone, vegetable oil, salt, or soap

Accidents with superglue:

 In these cases, you should see a doctor

If some superglue gets on the skin, this is usually not a concern. If you are patient, wait until the uncomfortable film comes off by itself after a few days.

However, superglue is dangerous on the eyes and in the mouth region. If any glue gets on your eyelids or lips due to carelessness, please do not try to help yourself: In these cases, going to the doctor is the better way.

This also applies when skin sticks to skin: Do not try to force the adhesive to loosen. Instead, see a doctor – he has unique knowledge and can repair the damage without injury.

If the mishap is “only” a finger or part of the hand, you can quickly get rid of the adhesive film with the following tips.

The quick solution: acetone

If you want to remove small spots of superglue on your skin quickly, you can turn to acetone. The solvent can be bought in the pharmacy – alternatively, you can also use nail polish remover containing acetone. Acetone is a relatively aggressive chemical and should only be applied in small amounts and not on wounds or near mucous membranes.

Order nail polish remover with/without acetone now.

If you have sensitive skin, skip this tip.

This is how it works: Dab a little acetone on the edge of the glue point. Then you can peel off the glue. If it doesn’t work the first time, add a little more acetone to the affected area and try again.

Slower but gentle: vegetable oil

The solution with vegetable oil is much gentler on the skin. However, it also takes a little longer until you have removed the adhesive film.

To do this, rub the affected area with any vegetable oil and repeat this repeatedly. Due to the fat contained in the oil, the glue loosens over time, and you can peel it off piece by piece.  

Remove superglue with salt to remove super glue from skin

Once the superglue has landed on your finger or hand, it can be “rubbed off” with salt paste. To do this, take a good portion of conventional table salt in your hands and add some water. Now rub your hands until a paste is formed. Use it to scrub the affected area with gentle pressure for about a minute. The superglue will crumble over time and then loosen.

You can also use lemon juice instead of water for insensitive skin, which removes the adhesive film even faster. Once all of the debris removal, wash your hands with mild soap.

Follow-up treatment: don’t forget to apply lotion.

Regardless of which method you have chosen – your skin will look forward to an extra portion of care after this exertion: A moisturizing lotion makes stressed skin supple again.
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