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How to restart iPhone?

There is nothing simpler and easy than turning a mobile phone off. Just like other mobiles of android, it is easy to off iPhone, but further, than iphoneX versions, it’s a little bit complex to turn off the iphone, but you should have to know it. For this purpose, I am here to guide you to restart your iPhone step by step. In the following article, we get to know about How to restart iPhone? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys.

Iphone 8 and earlier version

For iPhone 8 or earlier, it’s really easy to restart. You have to press and hold power on/off button present on the right side of the mobile. And in iphone 5s is located in the upper right corner to restarts iPhone.

Latest versions of iphone

Method 1 to restart iPhone

But if you have an iphone X or the latest version, the process of restart is slightly different but not complex. You have to follow the steps.

Press the volume up button.

Press the volume down button.

Press and hold the power button present on the right side.

Swipe right the option that appears on the screen to restarts iPhone.

Method 2 to restart iPhone

You noticed another process to turn off the iphone by pressing the same three buttons. (both volume and lock screen button) to restarts iPhone.

You have to press and hold both volume up and down button and the lock screen button for a few seconds, then leave to restart iPhone. 

Remember that pressing these buttons skip the emergency calls, so leave the buttons as soon as the power off option appears to restart iPhone.

IOS 11 or the latest versions

When the iphone becomes old or damaged, it is not possible to turn off the iphone by using buttons. It is essential to wait for the battery to end and remove the battery from the mobile to turn it off to restart iPhone. But this process also damages the portable battery. So, Apple induced the turn off the option in the setting to restarts iPhone. 

Open the settings of your IOS.

Go to the general setting.

Swipe down and tap on the last option turn off.

Now swipe from left to right when a switch appears on the screen.

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