How to save videos from Facebook?

On Facebook, you will always find more or less exciting videos of bizarre situations, exciting experiences, or just about essential topics. Finding these clips again and possibly saving them on your device for later use does not work efficiently. We’ll show you how to download and save videos from Facebook to your Android smartphone or PC.

How to save videos from Facebook?

Millions of people in Germany are active on Facebook every month and share videos and other content with their friends. Every time you open Facebook, you see something different in your timeline, making the social network particularly exciting. Once viewed, content is usually not displayed again. Were you confused because I definitely was! That is, until I cracked the code of what those emojis adjacent to your friends’ names mean. If you want to download these articles, especially videos, and save them on your Android mobile phone or PC, you need minor detours, which we present to you here.

Before you start, however, you should know the following: Please note the relevant copyright information when downloading and possibly sharing third-party Facebook videos. We also point out that entering Facebook user data in apps not published by Facebook is at your own risk.

This is how downloading Facebook videos work on Android.

Even on Android, it is not possible by default to download videos from Facebook. However, there is a way with the Video Downloader for the Facebook app from the Play Store. The app describes itself as the only application that can download HD videos. After the download, you must first identify yourself with your Facebook access data and grant the app appropriate access rights to your Android system. You will then be shown all the videos from your Facebook feed and can download them directly. But there is also another way. More on this in the following video:

This is how you can save Facebook clips on your PC

If the video was uploaded directly to Facebook as described above, open the clip in the browser. A URL appears in the form of Now replace the “www” with an “m” in this URL by clicking and editing the address line and pressing the Enter key. The video will now open in mobile view. Stop playback and right-click on it. A “Save video as” option should appear here. Select a folder on your PC in which the download should end up.

A note: Unfortunately, this version does not work on the Mac. The following video explains how to do this:

The most important information about downloading Facebook videos

  • Facebook videos cannot be downloaded with the standard Facebook app. They can only be viewed.
  • To still be able to download videos, you need additional apps on iOS and Android.
  • On the PC, the download works via the mobile Facebook page.

  • Mac users can try the download from
  • Important: Please note the relevant copyright information when downloading and possibly sharing third-party videos.
  • Entering Facebook user data in third-party apps is at your own risk.

Have you successfully downloaded videos from Facebook?

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