How to stop ringing in ears?

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What is Tinnitus?

Noises in the ears! Almost everyone has experienced it before: It whistles, buzzes or hisses in the ear for a few seconds or minutes to stop ringing in ears. Then the noise disappears again. This phenomenon is entirely normal. The situation is different if the noise in the ear, also known as ringing in the ears or ringing in the ears, is perceived continuously or repeatedly over a more extended period to stop ringing in ears. One speaks medically of tinnitus (Latin “tinnitus” = ringing, jingling, or ringing). The characteristic of tinnitus is that this noise is not caused by the environment but by the patient himself and has no informational value for the person concerned to stop ringing in ears. Only rarely can you hear tinnitus. One then speaks of “objective tinnitus,” which occurs, for example, in vascular stenosis to stop ringing in ears.

Those affected experience the impairment caused by tinnitus in everyday life differently – also depending on the severity to stop ringing in ears. Many patients can live with the noises in their ears, but they very stress some in their ears. In these cases, the initial symptom “tinnitus” becomes an independent disease that requires psychotherapeutic support to stop ringing in ears.

How to stop ringing in your ears?

The possible causes of the occurrence of tinnitus are diverse and not yet fully clarified to stops ringing in ears. The patients who developed tinnitus after an emotional experience or stress or excessive exposure to noise – initially, in the form of a sudden hearing loss combined with hearing loss – outnumber those who first noticed it after a physical disorder to stops ringing in ears. In any case, tinnitus must take seriously, and those affected should not postpone a visit to the ENT doctor under any circumstances to stops ringing in ears.

In principle, tinnitus can develop at any age, but it tends to increase with increasing age. Most people affected are between 40 and 50 years of age when they first appear to stops ringing in ears. However, the proportion of young patients increases due to noisy leisure activities up to the age of 30 for a few years.

Bottom Line

According to the German Tinnitus League, around 3 million adults in Germany have chronic tinnitus, i.e., tinnitus that has lasted for more than three months to stops ringing in ears.

 Around 270,000 new cases add each year. The proportion of tinnitus patients among severely hard of hearing. Or deaf people is exceptionally high to stops ringing in ears. Chronic tinnitus cannot cured with medication, but nowadays.

Various treatment methods make it easier to deal with the disease and give the patient a better quality of life. This includes comprehensive information and acoustic stimulation, i.e., the offer of auditory stimuli, especially for deaf patients, are fundamental pillars.

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