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Why Do People Love Watching Revenge?

The TV series, Revenge, follows the story of Emily Thorne (who is played by Emily VanCamp), a shadowy young woman who appears in the Hamptons. Actually, she’s lived there before, as a child, and returns disguised to seek revenge on the people who killed her father and then destroyed her family.

On her mission for revenge, a number of twists and turns are thrown Emily’s way, totally changing her world and also making for some great TV at times, while others… not so much. While each of the seasons of Revenge had the same goal — for Emily to take down the Graysons — some were totally lost in other things that were going on, while others of them rose above as some of the most entertaining network television ever to air.

Others in the cast comprise Madeleine Stowe, Gabriel Mann, Henry Czerny, Ashley Madekwe, Nick Wechsler, Josh Bowman, Christa B Allen as well as Connor Paolo.

What Was The Best Season?

The very first season of Revenge is so far ahead of the others. This season of television is beautifully executed. Surprise twists are thrown in, such as the reveal that Charlotte (Christa B Allen) is really David Clarke’s daughter, that shake up Emily’s whole world and what her plan will look like going forward. And it’s very interesting to see Emily’s little victories, demonstrating her unique set of skills and resolve, on her way to taking down the Grayson clan.

Something that works very well is the relationship that is burgeoning between Daniel and Emily. Getting in bed with your enemies’ son plainly starts to become so much more than part of her mission, confounding the situation and relationship eternally. It’s quite difficult not to root for them to make it work (for real) until Daniel begins to become more like his father, learning the truth about what his parents did to David and assisting to excuse it.

The first season is as jam-packed as a live casino online with intriguing plots and plot development. However the characters are all so intricate and the relationships between them quite interesting from the get-go, as well. The season was mapped out so flawlessly that every new development or introduction held a much deeper purpose than it appeared, challenging Emily and Victoria in compelling ways.

Where Is The Cast Now?

Emily VanCamp appeared in The Girl in the Book and Boundaries before landing the role of Nicolette Nevin on The Resident in 2018. Her Captain America: Civil War character, Sharon Carter, will be featured on the Disney+ series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. The Brothers & Sisters alum met her husband, Josh Bowman, on the Revenge set and the pair tied the knot in December 2018.

Gabriel Mann portrayed Emily’s BFF and software inventor Nolan Ross. The model has had continued TV success, playing Jacob Waller on Ray Donovan, Martin Eggers Hyde on Damnation, Gage Scott on What/If as well as Tommy Elliot/Hush on Batwoman. The Vermont native has also featured in Some Other Time and Cesar Chavez.



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