5. “Better things are on their way.” – Unknown

6. “Rules of taste enforce structures of power.” – Susan Sontag

7. “Kind words cost nothing.” – Unknown

8. “I want to say something about bad writing. I’m proud of my bad writing. Everyone is so intelligent lately, and stylish. Fucking great. I am proud of Philip Guston’s bad painting, I am proud of Baudelaire’s mamma’s boy goo goo misery. Sometimes the lurid or shitty means having a heart, which’s something you have to try to have. Excellence nowadays is too general and available to be worth prizing: I am interested in people who have to find strange and horrible ways to just get from point a to point b.” – Ariana Reines

9. “Color directly influences the soul. Color is the keyboard, the eyes are the hammers, the soul is the piano with many strings. The artist is the hand that plays, touching one key or another purposely, to cause vibrations in the soul.” – Wassily Kandinsky

10. “You cannot see love with eyes.” – Unknown


11. “Right now I am alone, soon be in your arms.” – Unknown

12. “In addressing a task, one almost always has several possible options, sometimes only a few, and they may all be practical and functional. But they lack the aesthetic aspect that raises it to architecture.” – Arne Jacobsen

13. “It was one of God’s jokes that such a dumb mind had been put in such an eloquent body.” – Charlaine Harris

14. “Being pretty is fundamentally a passive quality; even what you work at, you’re working at being passive.” – Ted Chiang

15. “I think that’s what art is: art is communication made in the hope that interesting miscommunications will arise.” – Misha Glouberman

16. “Christianity has from its beginning portrayed itself as a gospel of peace, a way of reconciliation (with God, with other creatures), and a new model of human community, offering the ‘peace which passes understanding’ to a world enmeshed in sin and violence.” – David Bentley Hart

17. “Let’s go out and join hands.” – Unknown

18. “I cannot pretend to be like them.” – Unknown

19. “Scream from mountaintops.” – Unknown

20. “Fascism is fundamentally and at bottom an aesthetic conception, and it is your function as creators of beautiful things to portray with the greatest efficacy the sublime beauty and inevitable reality of the Fascist ideal.” – Louis de Bernières

21. “God’s pleasure – the beauty creation possesses in his regard – underlies the distinct being of creation, and so beauty is the first and truest word concerning all that appears within being; beauty is the showing of what is; God looked upon what he had wrought and saw that it was good.” – David Bentley Hart

22. “At last everything was satisfactorily arranged, and I could not help admiring the setting: these mingled touches on a small scale the inspiration of a poet, the research of a scientist, the good taste of an artist, the gourmet’s fondness for good food, and the love of flowers, which concealed in their delicate shadows a hint of the love of women” – August Strindberg

23. “He had never believed that spirituality had to be anemic or aesthetic.” – Irving Stone

24. “No one can define you except you.” – Unknown

25. “Christ is a persuasion, a form evoking desire, and the whole force of the gospel depends upon the assumption that this persuasion is also peace: that the desire awakened by the shape of Christ and his church is one truly reborn as agape, rather than merely the way in which a lesser force succumbs to a greater, as an episode in the endless epic of power.” – David Bentley Hart

26. “In here, Phryne, is the nursery. Do you like ? Phryne laughed. No, not at all. they are not aesthetic like a puppy or a kitten. In fact, they always look drunk to me. Look at that one, you’d swear he had been hitting the gin.” – Kerry Greenwood

27. “In my box of sound bites there are no jackhammers, no snowmobiles, no Jet Skis, no children wailing. Music but no Muzak. It’s my box. Put what you want in yours.” – Joan Oliver Goldsmith

28. “AESTHETICS OF THE AESTHETICIAN, What is the aesthetician But a mule hitched to the times?” – Kenneth Koch

29. “You lose the one who is not good to you.” – Unknown

30. “Art is the social antithesis of society, not directly deducible from it.” – Theodor W. Adorno

31. “They walked on rather aimlessly. He hoped she wouldn’t notice he was touched, because he wouldn’t have known how to explain why. Here lay the great discrepancy between aesthetic truth and sleazy reality.” – Patrick White

32. “Aestheticism is the garbage of intuitive feeling.” – Kazimir Severinovich Malevich

33. “Let a thing be but a sort of punctual surprise, like the first cache of violets in , let it be delicate, painted and gratuitous, hinting that the Creator is solely occupied with aesthetic considerations, and combines disparate objects simply because they look so well together, and that thing will admirably fill the role of a flower.” – Hope Mirrlees

34. “The aesthetic can have its revenge upon ideology by revealing a power to complicate that is also a power to undermine.” – Murray Krieger

35. “What is especially striking and remarkable is that in fundamental physics a beautiful or elegant theory is more likely to be right than a theory that is inelegant.” – Murray Gell-Mann

36. “With the plundered people transferring their energies into relaxed and receptive thoughts, degradation and lust for power produced art.” – Peter Weiss

37. “For if indeed God became a man, then Truth condescended to become a truth, from whose historical contingency one cannot simply pass to categories of universal rationality; and this means that whatever Christians mean when they speak of truth, it cannot involve simply the dialectical wrestling of abstract principles from intractable facts.” – David Bentley Hart

38. “In the past an artist produced things that were necessary socially; they were instruments, albeit of a special kind, that helped the dead reach eternity, spells to be cast, prayers to be liturgically fleshed. . . . The aesthetic component of those instruments enhanced their function but was never central, never an independent, non utilitarian thing.” – Stanisław Lem

39. “It was [Barnett] Newman who made the famously wry remark, “Aesthetics is for the artist as ornithology is for the birds,” – Ross Wetzsteon

40. “In going to the cross, Jesus was not being practical; he was being faithful. Jesus didn’t take a pragmatic approach to the problem of evil; Jesus took an aesthetic approach to the problem of evil. Jesus chose to absorb the ugliness of evil and turn it into something beautiful—the beauty of forgiveness.” – Brian Zahnd

41. “Fiat ars – pereat mundus”, says Fascism, and, as Marinetti admits, expects war to supply the artistic gratification of a sense perception that has been changed by technology. This is evidently the consummation of “l’art pour l’art.” Mankind, which in Homer’s time was an object of contemplation for the Olympian gods, now is one for itself. Its self-alienation has reached such a degree that it can experience its own destruction as an aesthetic pleasure of the first order. This is the situation of politics which Fascism is rendering aesthetic. Communism responds by politicizing art.” – Walter Benjamin

42. “The masses have a right to change property relations; Fascism seeks to give them an expression while preserving property. The logical result of Fascism is the introduction of aesthetics into political life. The violation of the masses, whom Fascism, with its Führer cult, forces to their knees, has its counterpart in the violation of an apparatus which is pressed into the production of ritual values.” – Walter Benjamin

43. “The historical division between the beautiful and the sublime indicates that an aesthetic experience is not necessarily linked to beauty, but can also be induced by the unpleasant, unbalanced, distorted, or even hideous.” – Kristine H. Harper

44. “There is an expression in Japanese that says that someone who makes things of poor quality is in fact worse than a thief because he doesn’t make things that will last or provide true satisfaction. A thief at least redistributes the wealth of a society.” – Andrew Juniper

45. “I think my show was more beautiful. Like, it would have made for prettier pictures on Insta. But now, we’re gonna have way better memes.” – Carlos Hernandez

46. “A religious person is able to see the ‘gods’ in a dewdrop, a flower, a falling star, an animal which crosses his path, a sunbeam. When this happens, he has a total experience. But if he adopts an aesthetic attitude towards this flower or this dewdrop, he looks at only one aspect. The aesthetic attitude is a partial attitude. Such an attitude protects against an abundance of other sensations and is therefore per definition one-sided and superficial.” – Tjeu Van Den Berk

47. “The flower is strong in its beauty as it can be forgotten, set aside, or destroyed. The ambitious do not know beauty. The feeling of essence is beauty.” – Jiddu Krishnamurti

48. “I look at Jane for a long time and a slow smile creeps over her face. Her whole face changes when she smiles–this eyebrow-lifting, perfect-teeth-showing, eye-crinkling smile I’ve either never seen or never noticed. She becomes pretty so suddenly that it’s almost like a magic trick– but it’s not like I want her or anything. Not to sound like a jerk, but Jane isn’t really my type. Her hair’s kinda disastrously curly and she mostly hangs out with guys. My type’s a little girlier. And honestly, I don’t even like my type of girl that much, let alone other types. Not that I’m asexual, I just find Romance Drama unbearable.” –

49. “The ideal of “working exactly” is also inherent in the historical disciplines. Art historians pursue it, above all, in order to avoid the baleful contact with aesthetics; and often exert themselves merely to say what happened after what– and nothing more than that.” – Heinrich Wölfflin

50. “Aesthetics is the study of ideal form, or beauty; it is the philosophy of art.” – Will Durant

51. “The great has terror for its basis… the beautiful is founded on mere positive pleasure…” – Edmund Burke

52. “The local is the only universal, upon that all art is built.” – John Dewey

53. “We should worry again about the connection between play-starved education and eroded mechanisms for political debate, if worry can lead beyond deadlocks. Too often, academic essays pursue analysis and critique but stop short of speculation about remedies, as if intellectual work excluded an element of creativity. In fact, essays that remain risk-averse miss the potential of the genre to “assay,” or try out, ideas.” – Doris Sommer

54. “In simple words, ‘Beauty’ is what gladdens the heart. Neither a symmetrical face nor a shapely body – If the sight of you generates happiness, you’re beautiful.” – Adeel Ahmed Khan

55. “Henceforth, toys are chemical in substance and colour; their very material introduces one to a coenaesthesis of use, not pleasure. These toys die in fact very quickly, and once dead, they have no posthumous life for the child.” – Roland Barthes

56. “Let architects sing of aesthetics that bring Rich clients in hordes to their knees; Just give me a home, in a great circle dome Where stresses and strains are at ease.” –

57. “Aesthetic sense is the twin of one’s instinct for self-preservation and is more reliable than ethics.” – Joseph Brodsky

58. “It’s hard to combine a simple life with a love of aesthetics.” – Marty Rubin


59. “There could be no objection to homicidal art as art. One could certainly object that an artwork made out of dead bodies is immoral, but from a purely aesthetic point of view, it could still be a rewarding aesthetic experience and hence a great work of art.” – John McAteer

60. “If I was asked to get rid of the and just keep one quality necessary to create art, I would say it’s trust. When you learn to trust yourself implicitly, you no longer need to prove something through your art. You simply allow it to come out, to be as it is. This is when creating art becomes effortless. It happens just as you grow your hair. It grows.” – John Daido Loori

61. “It’s better to have a hunger and appreciation for beauty than to be merely beautiful. In the end, life is richer that way. She may learn that.” – Unknown

62. “The starry sky began to shine,when assigned night spread with its ‘moon lamp’ for all of the wistful thoughts,lay below the tormented Earth’s nocturnal light and those splendid visions caught my pounding spirits.” – Nithin Purple

63. “I am an introvert does not mean I am antisocial.” – Unknown

64. “The aesthetics aren’t merely a side note, they’re as important as anything else.” – Sylvain Neuvel

65. “I guess I won the love game.” – Unknown

66. “Everything that is, must appear, and nothing can appear without a shape of its own; hence there is in fact no thing that does not in some way transcend its functional use, and its transcendence, its beauty or ugliness, is identical with appearing publicly and being seen. By the same token, namely, in its sheer worldly existence, every thing also transcends the sphere of pure instrumentality once it is completed.” –

67. “What finite beings say about transcendence is the semblance of transcendence; but as Kant well knew, it is a necessary semblance. Hence the incomparable metaphysical relevance of the rescue of semblance, the object of esthetics.” – Theodor W. Adorno

68. “Ah, crap. Only the lowest beasts would ever harm a vending machine. Doesn’t it understand my functional yet artistic beauty?” – Hirukuma

69. “Fairest of the deathless gods.” – Edith Hamilton

70. “According to this view, all that matters to art appreciation is beauty of form. The logical extreme of aestheticism turns out to be homicidal art.” – John McAteer

71. “Ten Surrealism creates actual and non-compromised reality, jamboree, fervor, fascination, poetics of an active enthusiasm, interludium, lyrical practice, active happiness.” – Lepota L. Cosmo

72. “Is the world really beautified by the fact that man thinks it beautiful? He has humanized it, that is all.” –

73. “I became an artist because I wanted to be an active participant in the conversation about art.” – Kamand Kojouri

74. “In a Fisherian world, animals are slaves to evolutionary fashion, evolving extravagant and arbitrary displays and tastes that are all “meaningless”; they do not involve anything other than perceived qualities.” – Richard O. Prum

75. “Fiction is as useful as truth, for giving us matter, upon which to exercise the judgment of value.” – G.E. Moore

76. “Gracefulness makes you more gorgeous.” – Unknown

77. “There is a sort of aesthetic poverty about conservatism” – Alan Hollinghurst

78. “What is good is also divine. Queer as it sounds, that sums up my ethics. Only something supernatural can express the Supernatural.” – Ludwig Wittgenstein

79. “It’s very modern. Very gamine. You look like a jazz singer.” – Elizabeth Wein

80. “People who insist upon dressing casually also want to think casually. And in a fallen world, thinking casually means being wrong more often than not.” – Douglas Wilson

81. “The writer has to die to give birth to the intellectual in the service of the wretched of the earth.” – Annie Cohen-Solal

82. “How convenient it is to declare that everything is totally ugly within the habit of the époque, rather than applying oneself to extract from it the dark and cryptic beauty, however faint and invisible it is.” – Charles Baudelaire

83. “Writing is a series of verbal suggestions designed to provoke a psychological reaction and an aesthetic experience.” – Stewart Stafford

84. “there’s something wrong with any art that makes a woman all bust” – Djuna Barnes

85. “Your skin has a memory. In ten, twenty, thirty years from now, your skin will show the results of how it was treated today. So treat it kindly and with respect.” – Jana Elston

86. “We sing lyrical excess, exacerbated expressionism, imponed objectivity,

inventiveness, meta-baroque, extravaganza, super metaphor, sublimity, strident, exposure, super-pone, noise, super-objectivity, zillionism, fragmentation and aesthetics of facts, suractivism.” – Lepota L. Cosmo

87. “It seems to me that a pleasurable Contemplation of Beauty has certainly an immeasurably greater value than mere Consciousness of Pleasure.” – G.E. Moore

88. “Pleading with those eyes, it’s obvious what I’m meant to do. I embrace the beauty and kiss it deeply.” – Patrick Bryant

89. “Try to be a good woman in the world of bad witches.” – Unknown

90. “I took longer than others take, does not mean I have failed.” – Unknown

91. “God has given you one face, and you make yourselves another.” –


92. “Art becomes so specialized as to be comprehensible only to artists, and they complain bitterly of public indifference to their work.” – Wassily Kandinsky

93. “[Beauty] exists merely in the mind which contemplates [things]; and each mind perceives a different beauty; and every individual ought to acquiesce in his own sentiment, without pretending to regulate those of others.” –

94. “I think sincerity was my sole aesthetic and realism my experimental technique.” – Edmund White

95. “We are living in a moment where we have broken the equilibrium of the planet. We are not paying attention to our intuitive side. We only pay attention to our reason. We have become an urban animal” – Sebastião Salgado

96. “When you watch Olympic athletes in competition, does your self-esteem plummet? Of course not. On the contrary, you feel wonder and admiration; you’re inspired that such exceptional individuals exist. So why can’t we feel the same way about beauty?” – Ted Chiang

97. “A taste for ostentation is rarely associated in the same souls with a taste for honesty” – Jean-Jacques Rousseau

98. “If it had been possible to build the Tower of Babel without ascending it, the work would have been permitted.” –

99. “The connoisseur’s hushed, museum-trained gaze is not well-designed for these purposes. That gaze values subtlety, complexity, ambiguity, and irony. Its most characteristic grace note is self-congratulation at being the kind of person who likes this rare and beautiful thing, whatever it may be, laced always with contempt for those too crude, too uneducated, or too simple to be able do so.” – Paul J. Griffiths

100. “It is with this movement, with the passage and dissolution of impressions, images, sensations, that analysis leaves off—that continual vanishing away, that strange, perpetual weaving and unweaving of ourselves.” – Walter Pater

101. “The old-fashioned sins of reading is the only sense that matters.” – Harold Bloom

102. “In a single wave of meaning the triumphant purity of being.” – Boris Pasternak

103. “Durer would have seen a reason for living in a town like this” – Marianne Moore

104. “Bread cannot feed the addicts of beauty.” – Raheel Farooq

105. “I’d discovered that the range of beauty in breasts is wide; while one should never lightly say that a pair is ugly, one can easily say that a pair of breasts is beautiful. Hedgehogs are beautiful sometimes; so are baby pigs.” – Mo Yan

106. “The beautiful is as useful as the useful. … perhaps more so.” –

107. “There was a product which seemed attractive, expensive, portable, beautiful and simple. Everybody talked about its beauty but they bought it for its simplicity.” – Amit Kalantri

108. “And it suggests this truth about the place where aesthetic form meets the human mind. For even if we were to find ourselves homeless, in a strange land, with nothing of ourselves left-say we lost everything-we’d still have another kind of home, in aesthetic form itself, in the familiarity, the unchanging assurance that a known rhythm, a recognised line, the familiar shape of a story, a tune, a line or phrase or sentence gives us every time, even long after we’ve forgotten we even know it.” – Ali Smith

109. “The future will look futuristic only because we will be trying to make it look futuristic.” – Anonymous

110. “For the spectator does not see space, he sees the objects and events; he does not perceive the coordinates with the same cyclopean eye of the camera. With his entire body, desires, and fantasies, he perceives the existential dimensions by which the world is organized.” – Mikel Dufrenne

111. “People are nice to me because of how I like, and part of me likes that, but part of me feels guilty because I haven’t done anything to deserve it.” – Ted Chiang

112. “An artist’s concern is to capture beauty wherever he finds it.” – Kazuo Ishiguro

113. “Styles may change, details may come and go, but the broad demands of aesthetic judgement are permanent.” – Roger Scruton

114. “You’re a beautiful boy, Clay, but that’s about it.” – Bret Easton Ellis

115. “Aesthetic value emanates from the struggle between texts: in the reader, in language, in the classroom, in arguments within a society. Aesthetic value rises out of memory, and so (as Nietzsche saw) out of pain, the pain of surrendering easier pleasures in favour of much more difficult ones … successful literary works are achieved anxieties, not releases from anxieties.” – Harold Bloom

116. “Look in the mirror and see your competitor.” – Unknown

117. “Nighttime is for me.” – Unknown

118. “No man sings as beautifully as when his song is accompanied by a woman’s voice.” – Roman Payne

119. “Seeing is metamorphosis, not mechanism.” – James Elkins

120. “Stop destroying beautiful pieces of heart for the people who do not understand you.” – Unknown

121. “What cannot be borne in reality, becomes a source of pleasure when it is transposed into the visual and somatic fiction of the dramatic spectacle.” – Claude Calame

122. “The better looking you are, the harder your life, under one condition: You’re of above average intelligence. It’s those unintelligent attractive people who have it best.” – Gregor Collins

123. “Our sole concern with the long dead is aesthetic” – James Branch Cabell

124. “New clothes left Sylvia reeling with happiness. For Sylvia, a shopping list was a poem. She always shopped alone – it suited her deliberate nature and the artistic joy with which she approached all things aesthetic.” – Elizabeth Winder

125. “We want people to represent us in politics—and in love and economics too. When people represent us fully, they are ourselves and are not ourselves. When an object is simultaneously the same as and different from the person concerned with it—or considering it—aesthetics is there.” – Eli Siegel

126. “Appreciate the aesthetic and creativity of nature and be grateful for being part of it.” – M.F. Moonzajer

127. “Sylvia’s inherent appreciation for beauty as both artist and consumer is evident in her journals and letters…….she wrote beautifully about clothes. She wrote about them with irony and wit mixed in with all the rococo prettiness.” – Elizabeth Winder

128. “Everything good is good because of the love it contains.” – John K. Brown

129. “I think it’s more accurate to think of aesthetics as a key ingredient in a recipe, as opposed to the icing on the cake.” – Stephen P. Anderson

130. “The answer to these questions is tied to the public’s attitude about suicide. For many people, suicide is morally reprehensible. It’s against their religion, or against their culture, or contrary to their personal values. Like other unpleasant subjects – incest, disease, discrimination – it’s avoided.” – John Bateson

131. “Art is what appeals to the a priori.” – Raheel Farooq

132. “I hope my sadness is replaced by something beautiful.” – Unknown

133. “All aesthetic judgment is really cultural evaluation.” – Susan Sontag

134. “I have been using art as a means to the emotions of life and reading into it the ideas of life.” – Clive Bell

135. “Ideally a painter (and, generally, an artist) should not become conscious of his insights: without taking the detour through his conscious reflection, his progressive steps, mysterious even to himself, should enter so swiftly into the work that he is unable to recognize them in the moment of transition.” – Rainer Maria Rilke

136. “Poverty and loneliness could be seen as a liberation from strivings to become rich and popular.” – Donald Richie

137. “ High standards generally – about workmanship and creation of objects, about what is owed in friendship, about the quality of art and much else – far from being snobbish, are required to maintain decency in life.” – Joseph Epstein

138. “The value of a work of art cannot ultimately turn on the more or less of its subservience to ideology; for painting can be grandly subservient to the half-truths of the moment, doggedly servile, and yet be no less intense.” – T.J. Clark

139. “My tiredness cannot fix my sleep.” – Unknown

140. “My thoughts are not destroyed, never tried to think silence was killer.” – Unknown

141. “The time to choose turning the page and closing the book.” – Unknown

142. “Forgive me for , I am too young.” – Unknown

143. “Do not marry a man, unless you have a son making you proud like him.” – Unknown

144. “Aesthetics is both politics and philosophy, a series of agreements and disagreements between subjective minds.” – Jimenez Lai

145. “The aesthetics aren’t merely a side note, they’re as important as anything else.” – Sylvain Neuvel

146. “Even a colour-sense is more important, in the development of the individual, than a sense of right and wrong. Aesthetics, in fact, are to Ethics in the sphere of conscious civilisation, what, in the sphere of the external world, sexual is to natural selection. Ethics, like natural selection, make existence possible. Aesthetics, like sexual selection, make life lovely and wonderful, fill it with new forms, and give it progress, and variety and change.” – Oscar Wilde

147. “Simple hug and cure big issues of life.” – Unknown

148. “Do not do something that your girlfriend/ boyfriend do not want.” – Unknown

149. “Sorry for taking the same boring face every day.” – Unknown

150. “Beauty is sometimes born of pain.”- Sheri L. Swift

151. “What comes from sorrow, watered by tears, grows something of beauty. A salt garden. And so this I leave behind. A harvest for those who find their way into my life and I into theirs.” – Cindy McCormick Martinusen

152. “Sometimes, you are haunted by an idea of wasting your life.” – Unknown

153. “Nothing’s perfect, the world’s not perfect. But it’s there for us, trying the best it can; that’s what makes it so damn beautiful.” – Hiromu Arakawa

154. “I am tired of the fake smile I carry every day.” – Unknown

155. “Sunsets proof that endings can be beautiful.” – Unknown

156. “Firstly, try to learn to make yourself happy.” – Unknown

157. “Confident women would not hate.” – Unknown


158. “People accuse me of easily. It just means that I’m able to see the beauty in most of the people who cross paths with me and I appreciate it for what it is and also for what it isn’t. Love is imperfect. Falling for someone’s flaws is just as necessary as falling for their strengths.” – Ashly Lorenzana

159. “Life is not always perfect. Like a road, it has many bends, ups, and down, but that’s its beauty.” – Amit Ray

160. “But those who seek only reassurance from life will never be more than tourists—seeing everything and trying to possess what can only be felt. Beauty is the of imperfection.” – Simon Van Booy

161. “I am insecure now, care for what people say.” – Unknown

162. “Try to admire someone’s beauty without questioning yours.” – Unknown

163. “I do not like to smile without reasons.” – Unknown

164. “Any great art work … revives and re-adapts time and space, and the measure of its success is the extent to which it makes you an inhabitant of that world – the extent to which it invites you in and lets you breathe it’s strange, special air.” – Leonard Bernstein

165.“Desire for beauty will endure and undermine the desire for truth.” – Richard O. Prum

166. “I want a person to accidently enter my life and then stay longer for a purpose.” – Unknown

167. “People define themselves aesthetically at a very young age.” – Thom Filicia

168. “Be pretty like you.” – Unknown

169. “I am from outside but devilish from inside.” – Unknown

170. “You should not judge someone by the opinions of others.” – Unknown

171. “To the man who loves art for its own sake, it is frequently in its least important and lowliest manifestations that the keenest pleasure is to be derived.” –

172. “Some people experience the days of their life differently.” – Unknown

173. “In reality, there is no successful conclusion.” – Unknown

174. “In reality slaps you hard.” – Unknown

175. “Design is about the betterment of our lives poetically, aesthetically, experientially, sensorially, and emotionally.” – Karim Rashid

176. “I find beauty in the continual shaping of chaos which clearly embodies the primordial power of nature’s performance.” – Iris van Herpen

177. “There is a in every angel.” – Unknown

178. “Aesthetic pleasure is not to be taken lightly; it’s very important for the spirit and therefore the health.” – Robert Bateman

179. “Any great art work revives and readapts time and space, and the measure of its success is the extent to which it makes you an inhabitant of that world – the extent to which it invites you in and lets you breathe it’s strange, special air.” – Unknown

180. “The obsession with performance left no room for the development of the intuitive or spiritual impact of space and form other than the aesthetic of the machine itself.” – Arthur Erickson

181.“What is especially striking and remarkable is that in fundamental physics a beautiful or elegant theory is more likely to be right than a theory that is inelegant.” – Murray Gell-Mann

182. “I like to work with the same people when I can, and you want to get people with the same interests that you have, and the same aesthetic.” – Spike Lee

183. “Aesthetic sense is the twin of one’s instinct for self-preservation and is more reliable than ethics.” – Joseph Brodsky

184. “Scientific understanding is often beautiful, a profoundly aesthetic experience which gives pleasure not unlike the reading of a great poem.” – Paul Nurse

185. “Aesthetically, London is just beautiful; it’s a gorgeous city. The architecture, monuments, the parks, the small streets – it’s an incredible place to be.” – Sara Bareilles

186. “I became aesthetically obsessed with language. And ‘literally artist’ – poet and novelist – is a calling. You are called to it the way preachers are called to preaching the gospel.” – Unknown

187. “After a certain high level of technical skill is achieved science and art tend to coalesce in aesthetics, plasticity, and form. The greatest scientists are artists as well.” –

188. “Creating is about sharing ideas, sharing aesthetics, sharing what you believe in with other people.” – Shepard Fairey

189. “ The aesthetic can have its upon ideology by revealing a power to complicate that is also a power to undermine.” – Murray Krieger

190. “Fascism is fundamentally and at bottom an aesthetic conception, and it is your function as creators of beautiful things to portray with the greatest efficacy the sublime beauty and inevitable reality of the Fascist ideal.” – Louis de Bernières

191. “I like going to Church for aesthetic reasons, rather than spiritual ones.” – Unknown

192. “If you get it out into the urban field it’s going to be used or misused but it’ll also probably provide a way of people acknowledging what the aesthetic is about because people have to confront it every day.” – Richard Serra

193. “When I wasn’t as attractive as I am now, I suffered at the hands of cruel children and their taunts until I realised that confidence and a bit of aesthetic care can overcome that.” – Johnny Vegas

194. “Design must reflect the practical and aesthetic in business but above all… good design must primarily serve people.” – Thomas J. Watson

195. “It was clear to me that the forms of consciousness of our inherited and acquired historical education – aesthetic consciousness and historical consciousness – presented alienated forms of our true historical being.” – Hans-Georg Gadamer

196. “To be civilized is to be potentially master of all possible ideas, and that means that one has got beyond being shocked, although one preserves one’s own moral aesthetic preferences.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

197. “Only men are capable of aesthetic greatness.” – Brian Sewell

198. “My particular aesthetic of light and color and design wouldn’t change as a result of working with computer graphics rather than with slit scan or miniatures.” – Douglas Trumbull

199. “It’s for all the women who embrace my aesthetic, but can’t afford a Vera Wang dress. If women can get anything out of it – a little bit of me or a lot of me, that’s what’s important.” – Vera Wang

200. “Art is the aesthetic ordering of experience to express meanings in symbolic terms.” – Daniel Bell

201. “In so far as the mind sees things in their eternal aspect, it participates in eternity.” – Baruch Spinoza

202. “The true traveller is the one urged to move about for physical, aesthetic, intellectual as well as spiritual reasons.” – Ella Maillart

203. “Just because something causes you to have a feeling of aesthetic beauty does not make it a work of art.” – Fred Ross

204. “I think I have a basic sound aesthetic that is in most of what I do.” – Pat Metheny

205. “Aesthetic pleasure is not to be taken lightly; it’s very important for the spirit and therefore the health.” -Robert Bateman

206. “The forms of art are inexhaustible; but all lead by the same road of aesthetic emotion to the same world of aesthetic ecstasy.” – Clive Bell

207. “A lot of children don’t have a developed aesthetic. I did. I made early choices in life, even about cloth; I liked flannel and not polyester.” – Unknown

208. “Behind every exquisite thing that existed, there was something tragic.” – Oscar Wilde

209. “Aesthetic criticism returns us to the autonomy of imaginative literature and the sovereignty of the solitary soul, the reader not as a person in society but as the deep self, our ultimate inwardness.” – Harold Bloom

210. “I had always wanted to expand to beauty, but I knew I wanted to be able to translate my design aesthetic in an authentic way.” – Charlotte Ronson

211. “The aesthetic experience has to be given. And beauty is a regular experience of every person, every person who is not clinically depressed!” – Peter Schjeldahl

212. “I think we need the feminine , which include attention to aesthetics and the environment, nurturing, affection, intuition and the qualities that make people feel safe and cared for.” – Deepak Chopra

213. “There is none more beautiful than the lover of beauty.” – Raheel Farooq

214. “Aesthetics is for the artist like ornithology is for the birds.” – Barnett Newman

215. “We all appreciated a certain aesthetic, and with that appreciation came a certain stylized presence.” – Amber Heard

216. “It’s my own personal unconscious that ultimately creates the novel’s aesthetic facade.” – Unknown

217. “The main reason why men and women make different aesthetic judgments is the fact that the latter, generally incapable of abstraction, only admire what meets their complete approval.” – Franz Grillparzer

218. “All great art is the work of the whole living creature, body and soul, and chiefly of the soul.” – John Ruskin

219. “Beauty is a combination of qualities. I don’t think one can deny that certain people or things feel aesthetically pleasing. But without an equally pleasing being behind that form, there is no beauty there.” – Teri Hatcher

220. “Design can be art. Design can be aesthetics. Design is so simple, that’s why it is so complicated.” – Paul Rand

221. “We find beauty not in the thing itself but in the patterns of shadows, the light and the darkness, that one thing against another creates.” – Jun’ichirÅ Tanizaki

222. “Aesthetic judgments, rather than abstract reasoning, guide and shape the process by which we all come to know what we know.” – Daniel Tammet

223. “All I can say about the work I try to do, is that the aesthetic is in reality itself.” – Helen Levitt

224. “Beauty is the main positive form of the aesthetic assimilation of reality, in which an aesthetic ideal finds its direct expression.” –

225. “I believe that one of the most powerful things of all is aesthetics.” – Kalle Lasn

226. “You use a glass mirror to see your face; you use works of art to see your soul.” –

227. “The more people explore the world, the more they realize in every country there’s a different aesthetic. Beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.” – Unknown

228. “There is an aesthetic excitement about painting which is one of the most beautiful experiences that can be. Put things down while you feel that joy.” – Charles Webster Hawthorne

229. “The aesthetic serviceability of objects of beauty is not greatly nor universally heightened by possession.” – Thorstein Veblen

230. “There is a sort of aesthetic poverty about conservatism.” – Alan Hollinghurst

231. “The aesthetic of architecture has to be rooted in a broader idea about human activities like walking, and communicating. Architecture thinks about how these activities can be given added value.” – Thom Mayne

232. “Melody of my favorite song.” – Unknown

233. “The darkening of the world makes the irrationality of art rational: radically darkened art.” – Theodor W. Adorno

234. “You do not have to be so beautiful.” – Unknown

235. “I am beautiful from outside, but I am a devil.” – Unknown

236. “My thoughts got crushed in the air.” – Unknown

237. “They removed the tune of my favorite song.” – Unknown

238. “Really delicate, porous.” – Unknown

239. “Stay busy, they are not worth you.” – Unknown

240. “The night is for me.” – Unknown

241. “I will take you to beautiful places to roam around.” – Unknown

242. “Some people are loyal only when needed.” – Unknown

243. “Whatever I want is realistic.” – Unknown

244. “You cannot see love with your eyes.” – Unknown

245. “I am the protagonist of this story, do not save me.” – Unknown

246. “I am unsure of what people are saying now.” – Unknown

247. “The idea of ​​living alone is the time to think and grow for you.” – Unknown

248. “First of all, try to learn to please yourself.” – Unknown

249. “I have gone to many places, I have seen many faces, yes, but nothing is like you.” – Unknown

250. “I feel like a game and I will show you how it is played.” – Unknown

251. “Nobody is there and this is your power.” – Unknown

252. “I feel good when you do this.” – Unknown

253. “I think I’ve won a Love Making game.” – Unknown

254. “You should not compare yourself with other people, because they are one of the beautiful in the garden.” – Unknown

255. “Does not cost anything in friendly words.” – Unknown

256. “There are good things on the way.” – Unknown

257. “You have the time you want to do.” – Unknown

258. “When I got the dollar, I thought about you.” – Unknown

259. “Pave the idea to my path.” – Unknown

260. “I am the conscience and I am not involved.” – Unknown

261. “I do not like smiles without any reason.” – Unknown


262. “Narcissist” is very difficult to spell because they call it voluntary.” – Unknown

263. “I got bored with the wrong smile lost every day.” – Unknown

264. “Easy adoption and treatment of major problems of life.” – Unknown

265. “Why do not all live here?” – Unknown

266. “Forgive my mistakes, i am too young” – Unknown

267. “There is no crime in being friendly.” – Unknown

268. “ A morning-glory at my window satisfies me more than the metaphysics of books.” –

269. “Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical.” – Sophia Loren

270. “I am proud of Philip Guston’s bad painting; I am proud of Baudelaire’s mamma’s boy goo goo misery. Sometimes the lurid or shitty means having a heart, which’s something you have to try to have. Excellence nowadays is too general and available to be worth prizing: I am interested in people who have to find strange and horrible ways to get from point A to point B.” – Ariana Reines

271. “Aesthetics have substantial political consequences. How one view oneself as beautiful or not beautiful or desirable or not desirable has deep consequences regarding one’s feelings of self-worth and one’s capacity to be a political agent.” – Cornel West

272. “In the life of the individual, an aesthetic sensibility is both more authentic and more commendable than a political or religious one.” – Tom Robbins

273. “The big secret about Art is that no one wants it to be true.” – Adam Phillips

274. “In the psychology of aesthetics, there is a name for the moment between the anxiety of confronting something new and the satisfying click of understanding it. It is called an Aesthetic Aha.” – Derek Thompson

275. “Design is a way of life, a point of view. It involves the whole complex of visual communications: talent, creative ability, manual skill, and technical knowledge. Aesthetics and economics, technology and psychology are intrinsically related to the process.” – Paul Rand

276. “Photography is more than a medium for factual communication of ideas. It is a creative art.” – Ansel Adams

277. “There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer.” – Ansel Adams

278. “If a work of art is rich and vital and complete, those who have artistic instincts will see its beauty, and those to whom ethics appeal more strongly than aesthetics will see its moral lesson.” – Oscar Wilde

279. “Show me what people admire, and I will tell you everything about them that matters.” – Jack McDevitt

280. “Styles may change, details may come and go, but the broad demands of aesthetic judgment are permanent.” – Roger Scruton

281. “ combined art and science and aesthetics and engineering, that kind of unity is needed once again.” – Ben Shneiderman

282. “I’m attracted to the rag & bone aesthetic – classic and effortless with an edge.” – Haley Bennett

283. “…the line of beauty is the line of beauty. It doesn’t matter if it’s been through the Xerox machine a hundred times.” – Donna Tartt

284. “Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop.” – Ansel Adams

285. “I was never interested in looking at myself in an aesthetic mirror. My intention was always to get away from myself, though I knew perfectly well that I was using myself. Call it a little game between ‘I’ and ‘me.’” – Marcel Duchamp

286. “I think the New Aesthetic is a series of observations. I think most of the trouble people have had with it comes from a misunderstanding of it as a movement.” – Warren Ellis

287. “Aesthetics – rather than reason – shapes our thought processes. First comes aesthetics, then logic. ‘Thinking in Numbers’ is not about an attempt to impress the reader but to include the reader, draw the reader in, by explaining my experiences – the beauty I feel in a prime number, for example.” – Daniel Tammet

288. “The more people explore the world, the more they realise in every country there’s a different aesthetic. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” – Helena Christensen

289. “There’s only so much you can do until you get on set and see the aesthetics of what you’re dealing with. Then you see what the other players are giving to you. It’s all about the transfer of energy between different actors.” – Karl Urban

290. “Art and Religion are, then, two roads by which men escape from circumstance to ecstasy. Between aesthetic and religious rapture there is a family alliance. Art and Religion are means to similar states of mind.” – Clive Bell

291. “Back then, I was still just a fan of music. And to be a fan of music also meant to be a fan of cities, of places. Regionalism—and the creative scenes therein—played an essential role in the identification and contextualization of a sound or aesthetic.” – Carrie Brownstein

292. “I love art dealers. In some ways, they’re my favourite people in the art world. Really. I love that they put their money where their taste is, create their aesthetic universes, support artists, employ people, and do all of this while letting us see art for free. Many are visionaries.” – Jerry Saltz

293. “You don’t take a photograph, you make it.” – Ansel Adams

294. “A photograph is usually looked at – seldom looked into.” – Ansel Adams

295. “I don’t need to be so full of myself that I feel I am without flaw. I can feel beautiful and imperfect at the same time. I have a healthy relationship with my aesthetic insecurities.” – Lupita Nyong’o

296. “Happiness cannot be travelled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.” – Denis Waitley

297. “Infuse your life with action. Don’t wait for it to happen. Make it happen. Make your future. Make your hope. Make your love. And whatever your beliefs, honour your creator, not by for grace to come down from upon high, but by doing what you can to make grace happen… yourself, right now, right down here on Earth.” – Bradley Whitford

298. “Aesthetic freedom is like free speech; it is, indeed, a form of free speech.” – George Edward Woodberry

299. “Ethics and aesthetics are one.” – Ludwig Wittgenstein

300. “Work is the best remedy, both moral and aesthetic.” – Anatole France


301. “Nature holds the key to our aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive and even spiritual satisfaction.” – E. O. Wilson

302. “The aesthetic principle is the same in every art, only the material differs.” – Robert Schumann

303. “You can’t buy the vision, and you can’t buy the aesthetic.” –

304. “It’s hard to combine a simple life with a love of aesthetics.” – Marty Rubin

305. “Art is a person’s private vision expressed in aesthetic forms.” – Chaim Potok

306. “Almost all crime is due to the repressed desire for aesthetic expression.” – Evelyn Waugh

307. “For you to sleep well at night, the aesthetic, the quality, has to be carried all the way through.” – Steve Jobs

308. “To appreciate the beauty of a snowflake it is necessary to stand out in the cold.” –

309. “In character, in manner, in style, in all things, supreme excellence is simplicity.” – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

310. “Styles may change, details may come and go, but the broad demands of aesthetic judgment are permanent.” – Roger Scruton

311. “Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.” –

312. “My well-known aesthetic sense, which is so obvious and personal, spontaneously spurs me to challenge myself with different disciplines.” – Giorgio Armani

313. “Paper is a uniquely beautiful format, more so than the web, I think: You need to invest in the aesthetics.” – Dave Eggers

314. “Your body isn’t a temple, it’s a home you’ll live in forever. Take care of it.” – Colin Wright

315. “Respect your body. Fuel your body. your body. Move your body. And most of all, Love your body.” – Unknown

316. “Aim for size, symmetry, shape and condition. Looking just “big” is overrated.” – Unknown

317. “Start wide, expand further, and never look back.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger

318. “You have been criticizing yourself for years and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens.” – Louise Hay

319. “The hard part isn’t getting your body in shape, it’s getting your mind in shape.” – Unknown

320. “Always proud, never satisfied.” – Unknown

321. “In two weeks, you’ll feel it. In four weeks, you’ll see it. In eight weeks, you’ll hear it.” – Unknown

322. “Don’t wish for a good body. Work for it.” – Unknown

323. “Train like a beast, look like a beauty.” – Martonek Jr.


324. “I don’t want to look good. I want to look like a greek god.” – Unknown

325. “Getting a great body isn’t just about the hour you spend in the gym. It’s about the decisions you make the other 23 hours of the day.” – Unknown

326. “Taking care of your body is the best thing you can ever do for yourself.” – Unknown

327. “Focus on aesthetics. Size matters, but symmetry is more important.” – Unknown

328. “You design yourself.” – Unknown

329. “To enjoy the glow of good health, you must exercise.” – Unknown

330. “Take care of your body, It’s the only place you have to live.” –

331. “First you feel like you’re dying, then you feel reborn.” – Unknown

332. “Art has the qualities of aesthetic beauty, purity, transcendence.” – Unknown

333. “Art is the imposing of a pattern on experience, and our aesthetic enjoyment is recognition of the pattern.” – Alfred North Whitehead

334. “The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” –

335. “In judging of a beautiful statue, the aesthetic faculty is absolutely and completely gratified by the splendid curves of those marble lips that are dumb to our complaint, the noble modeling of those limbs that are powerless to help us.” – Oscar Wilde

336. “The world of reality has its limits, the world of imagination is boundless.” – Unknown

337. “Creativity is intelligence and having fun.” – Albert Einstein

338. “An artist’s concern is to capture beauty wherever he finds it.” – Kazuo Ishiguro

339. “Art will survive, artists won’t.” – Unknown

340. “Art is an invention of aesthetics, which in turn is an invention of philosophers… What we call art is a game.” – Octavio Paz

341. “Art is a way of recognizing oneself.” – Unknown

342. “Art is the accomplice of love. Take love away and there is no longer art.” – Unknown

343. “Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” – Pablo Picasso

344. “Passion fuels my creativity.” – Unknown

345. “Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.” – Pablo Picasso

346. “Technique is really personality. That is the reason why the artist cannot teach it, why the pupil cannot learn it, and why the aesthetic critic can understand it.” – Oscar Wilde

347. “You can mimic a result, but not the creativity.” – Unknown

348. “Fall in love with the process and the results will come.” – Unknown

349. “I’m yours till the sun no longer shines.” – Unknown

350. “Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it a meaning.” – Unknown

351. “If I could make any wish come true, I would wish for you.” – Unknown

352. “Your voice is my favorite sound.” – Unknown

353. “I’ve seen your face in my head a million times a day.” – Unknown

354. “God and mother, partners in creation, in love, in sacrifice, in service, are as one.” – Thomas S. Monson

355. “You are the reason I believe in love.” – Unknown

356. “And in the middle of my chaos, there was you.” – Unknown

357. “We can run down the streets with the stars in our eyes.” – Unknown

358. “We may be miles apart, but thinking of you keeps me close to your heart.” – Unknown

359. “Love is an aesthetic, studded with fairy tales.” – Unknown

360. “Silent tears hold the loudest pain.” – Unknown

361. “Her attitude is kinda savage but her heart is gold.” – Unknown

362. “I hate the stars, because I look at the same ones you do, without you.” Unknown

363. “Love is a beautiful kind of fear.” – Unknown

364. “Whenever you want to see me, always look at the sunset; I will be there.” – Grace Ogot

365. “Adopt the pace of nature, her secret is patience.” – Ralph waldo Emerson

366. “Nature is pleased with simplicity. And nature is no dummy.” – Issac Newton

367. “Get lost in nature and you will find yourself.” – Unknown

368. “The man of genius in tune with nature will bend history to his will.” – Adolf Hitler

369. “Everywhere we look, the of nature blazes before our eyes.” – Unknown

370. “The poetry of earth is never dead.” – Unknown

371. “If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change.” –

372. “The best remedy for those who are afraid, lonely or unhappy is to go outside, somewhere where they can be quite alone with the heavens, nature and God.” –

373. “Nature is probably quite indifferent to the aesthetic preferences of mathematicians.” – Alfred North Whitehead

374. “If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.” – Unknown

375. “A flower blossoms for its own joy.” – Oscar Wilde

376. “It is in the still silence of nature where one will find true bliss.” – Unknown

377. “It’s odd that there is a high level of appreciation of nature. There is the aesthetic side that really loves nature and beauty.” –

378. “Nature is the art of God.” – Unknown

379. “It’s hard not to stand in awe and enchantment with the beauty in which nature expresses herself.” – Steve Maraboli

380. “You’re as beautiful as a rose.” – Unknown

381. “You are more than just a heartbeat in a world that forgets to love.” – Unknown

382. “Happiness looks gorgeous on you.” – Unknown

383. “When I tell you that you’re beautiful, I don’t just mean your appearance. I mean all of you; who and what you are, is beautiful.” – Steve Maraboli

384. “Your eyes are and I’m slowly drowning in them.” – Unknown

385. “My parents warned me about the drugs in the streets but never the ones with big brown eyes and a heartbeat.” – Unknown

386. “Cherish the way you sparkle.” – Unknown

387. “You are beautiful. You might not see it but I do.” – Unknown

388. “There are billions of stars in the yet your smile shines the brightest.” – Unknown

389. “You’re shining like fireworks in my sad empty town.” – Unknown

390. “Beauty is when you can appreciate yourself. When you love yourself, that’s when you’re most beautiful.” – Zoë Kravitz

391. “I can’t take my eyes off the beauty you radiate with that confident smile.” – Unknown

392. “Even atheists could see heaven in your eyes.” – Unknown

393. “Next time you think of beautiful things, don’t forget to count yourself in.” – Unknown


394. “In every bit of beauty I see you.” – Julie Berry

395. “In a room full of art, I would still stare at you.” – Unknown

396. “Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.” –

397. “Elegance is the only beauty that never fades.” –

398. “Beauty is power; A smile is its sword.” – John Ray

399. “Beauty starts in your head, not in your mirror.” – Unknown

400. “Glow is the essence of beauty.” – Estée Lauder

401. “True beauty is born through our actions and aspirations and in the kindness we offer to others.” – Alek Wek

402. “Outer beauty attracts, but inner beauty captivates.” – Kate Angell

403. “Confidence breeds beauty.” – Estée Lauder

404. “It’s nice to just embrace the natural beauty within you.” – Victoria Justice

405. “Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.” –

406. “Feeling beautiful has nothing to do with what you look like.” – Emma Watson

407. “I am strong. I am beautiful. I am enough.” – Unknown

408. “External beauty is certainly cool to admire, but when worshipped, it eclipses internal shine.” – T. F. Hodge

409. “Architecture has recorded the great ideas of the human race. Not only every religious symbol, but every human thought has its page in that vast book.” – Victor Hugo

410. “You can be gorgeous at 30, charming at 40 and irresistible for the rest of your life.” – Coco Chanel

411. “Smiling increases your face value.” – Unknown

412. “Beauty is being the best possible version of yourself.” – Audrey Hepburn

413. “Everything you need to be amazing is already inside you.” – Unknown

414. “Beauty without expression is boring.” –

415. “Beauty is the illumination of your soul.” – John O’Donohue

416. “Oh sweetie, you’re not ugly. Society is.” – Unknown

417. “Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.” – Kahlil Gibran

418. “Beauty has no size.” – Unknown

419. “Beauty is not flawless; It shines even through your flaws.” – Unknown

420. “Anyone can love a rose, but it takes a lot to love a leaf.” – Unknown

421. “Size doesn’t define your beauty.” – Unknown

422. “There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful, than a woman being unapologetically herself; comfortable in her perfect imperfection. To me, that is the true essence of beauty.” – Steve Maraboli

423. “Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” –

424. “Beauty isn’t about having a pretty face. It is about having a pretty mind, a pretty heart, and most importantly a beautiful soul.” – Unknown

425. “You are imperfect, permanently and inevitably flawed. And you are beautiful.” – Amy Bloom

426. “To all the girls that think you’re fat because you’re not a size zero, you’re the beautiful one, it’s society who’s ugly.” – Marilyn Monroe

427. “Imperfections equal beauty. We’re all imperfect.” – Miley Cyrus

428. “Spend a little more time trying to make something of yourself and little less time trying to impress people.” – Unknown

429. “Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful.” – Sophia Loren

430. “Beauty is a good letter of introduction.” – Unknown

431. “To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself.” – Unknown

432. “Beauty gets the attention, personality gets the heart.” – Unknown

433. “The beauty of a woman must be seen from in her eyes, because that is the doorway to the heart, the place where love resides.” – Unknown

434. “A beautiful lady is an accident of nature. A beautiful old lady is a work of art.” – Louis Nizer

435. “To me, beauty is about being comfortable in your own skin. It’s about knowing and accepting who you are.” – Ellen DeGeneres

436. “A smile is the most beautiful curve on a woman’s body.” – Unknown

437. “Beauty is only skin deep. I think what’s really important is finding a balance of mind, body and spirit.” – Jennifer Lopez

438. “Beauty is about enhancing what you have. Let yourself shine through.” – Unknown

439. “A man of eighty has outlived probably three new schools of painting, two of architecture and poetry and a hundred in dress.” – Lord Byron

440. “A smile is the best makeup any girl can wear.” – Marilyn Monroe

441. “With a great beard comes great responsibility.” – Unknown

442. “Beards are the new six pack.” – Unknown

443. “I think grooming is definitely undervalued by men. We all expect women to be fully groomed, which they do. But I also think it’s just as important for a man to look fresh and clean.” – Lewis Hamilton

444. “It’s just my aesthetic: to want to feel a bit undone, effortless but not without style.” – Yigal Azrouël

445. “Grooming is the secret of real elegance. The best clothes, the most wonderful jewels, the most glamorous beauty don’t count without good grooming.” – Christian Dior

446. “Dress like you’re already famous.” – Unknown

447. “Sunglasses always hide a multitude of sins. Sunglasses and a great pair of heels can turn most outfits around.” – Victoria Beckham

448. “A good mustache makes a man for many reasons.” – John Oats

449. “Fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it.” – Unknown

450. “Simplicity, good taste and grooming are the three fundamentals of good dressing and these do not cost money.” – Christian Dior

451. “I always loved aesthetics. Not particularly fashion, but an idea of beauty.” – Miuccia Prada

452. “It is good taste, and good taste alone, that possesses the power to sterilize and is always the first handicap to any creative functioning.” – Unknown

453. “Sunglasses, like lipstick, change everything.” – Unknown

454. “Guys wear a suit to look important. I grew a beard.” – Unknown

455. “A smile is an inexpensive way to change your looks.” – Unknown

456. “Life is better with a beard.” – Unknown

457. “Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; Dress impeccably and they remember the woman.” – Coco Chanel

458. “Love the life you live, or live the life you love.” – Bob Markey

459. “Life is too important to be taken seriously.” – Unknown

460. “Life is a party. Dress for it.” – Audrey Hepburn

461. “Make your life a story worth telling.” – Unknown

462. “Give every day the chance to become the most beautiful day of your life.” –

463. “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” – George Bernard Shaw

464. “Each day is a little life.” –

465. “Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.” – Unknown

466. “Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.” – Unknown

467. “Your life is your creation.” – Unknown

468. “Passions are the gales of life.” – Alexander Pope

469. “Life is full of beauty.” – Unknown

470. “Rise above the and you will find the sunshine.” – Unknown

471. “Aesthetic life is not something sophisticated – that’s a humanistic lie. Aesthetic life is as integral to being human as building sandcastles on the beach and giving your children names.” – Calvin Seerveld

472. “A beautiful life does not just happen, it is built daily by , humility, sacrifice and hard work.” – Unknown

473. “God always offers us a second chance in life.” – Unknown

474. “The better you become the better you attract.” – Unknown

475. “The best color in the whole world is the one that looks good on you!” – Coco Chanel

476. “I’ll stop wearing black when they make a darker color.” – Unknown

477. “We’re dreamers, dreaming realities.” – Unknown

478. “Sunglasses are like eye shadow: they make everything look younger and pretty.” – Karl Lagerfeld

479. “Looking good isn’t self-importance; It’s self-respect.” – Unknown

480. “In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.” – Coco Chanel

481. “Be as bold as your lipstick.” – Unknown

482. “Good things happen to those who groom.” – Unknown

483. “Sunshine is my favorite accessory.” – Unknown

484. “You’re not cool when you’re mean.” – Unknown

485. “Black is such a happy color.” – Unknown

486. “People will stare. Make it worth their while.” – Harry Winston

487. “Stressed, depressed but well-dressed.” – Unknown

488. “Keep your heels, head and standards high.” – Coco Chanel

489. “Only in the darkness, you can see the stars.” – Jr.

490. “There is beauty in simplicity.” – Unknown

491. “Fashion says “Me Too”, Style says “Me Only”.” – Unknown

492. “Your opinion of me doesn’t define who I am.” – Unknown

493. “Smile brighter than your future.” – Unknown

494. “Success favors the well groomed.” – Unknown

495. “Black is the only color that can make you look classy yet simple, charming yet effortless, sexy yet elegant, all at the same time.” – Unknown

496. “If , I know who I’d shit on.” – Unknown

497. “Sunsets prove that the end can be beautiful.” – Unknown

498. “Invest in yourself. Grind now. Shine Later.” – Unknown

499. “Glamour is something more than what you put on your body. It has to do with the way you carry yourself and the impact you have on others.” – Tom Ford

500. “Swag is for boys, class is for men.” – Unknown

501. “Life may give you a , but you don’t have to sit on it.” – Unknown

502. “A lot of children don’t have a developed aesthetic. I did. I made early choices in life, even about cloth; I liked flannel and not polyester.” – Patti Smith

503. “A rich poet from Harvard has no sense in his mind, except the aesthetic.” – Beatrice Wood

504. “All to make politics aesthetic culminate in one thing, war.” – Walter Benjamin

505. “My aesthetic is pretty classic. I like to keep things simple but appreciate the details.” – Jessica Jung

506. “Aesthetic experiences are powerful, to be sure, and probably inescapable, but Nature will not remain effective for very long.” – Timothy Morton

507. “I’ve handled color as a man should behave. You may conclude that I consider ethics and aesthetics as one.” – Josef Albers

508. “In the world there exists no aesthetic plane, not even the aesthetic plane of goodness.” – Clarice Lispector

509. “Aesthetic matters are fundamental for the harmonious development of both society and the individual.” – Friedrich Schiller

510. “My mind is changing all the time. I can’t live in a space that has a fixed aesthetic. I just need a blank slate when I come home.” – Petra Collins

511. “Literary imagination is an aesthetic object offered by a writer to a lover of books.” – Gaston Bachelard

512. “Nearly all of the advances in structural and aesthetic innovation are coming from abroad.” – Arthur Erickson

513. “In the life of the individual, an aesthetic sensibility is both more authentic and more commendable than a political or religious one.” – Tom Robbins

514. “Without the aesthetic, the computer is but a mindless speed machine, producing effects without substance, form without relevant content, or content without meaningful form.” – Paul Rand

515. “Form follows profit is the aesthetic principle of our times.” – Richard Rogers

516. “I really like black. I love wearing black, different aesthetics and shades. I like earth tones. Those are my go-to’s.” – Jaylen Brown

517. “I do not create a fashionable aesthetic…I create a style based on life.” – Issey Miyake

518. “I find the aesthetics of the 20th century hopelessly barren.” – Twyla Tharp

519. “Refinement creates beauty everywhere: it is the grossness of the spectator that discovers nothing but grossness in the object.” – William Hazlitt

520. “For aesthetics is the mother of ethics. … Were we to choose our leaders on the basis of their reading experience and not their political programs, there would be much less grief on earth. I believe — not empirically, alas, but only theoretically — that for someone who has read a lot of Dickens to shoot his like in the name of an idea is harder than for someone who has read no Dickens.” – Joseph Brodsky

521. “Tis the perception of the beautiful, A fine extension of the faculties, Platonic, universal, wonderful, Drawn from the stars, and filtered through the skies, Without which life would be extremely dull.” – Lord Byron

522. “Aesthetic emotion puts man in a state favorable to the reception of erotic emotion. … Art is the accomplice of love. Take love away and there is no longer art.” – Remy de Gourmont

523. “There are moods in which one feels the impulse to enter a tacit protest against too gross an appetite for pure aesthetics in this starving and sinning world. One turns half away, musingly, from certain beautiful useless things.” – Henry James

524. “The beautiful, which is perhaps inseparable from art, is not after all tied to the subject, but to the pictorial representation. In this way and in no other does art overcome the ugly without avoiding it.” – Paul Klee

525. “Art” is an invention of aesthetics, which in turn is an invention of philosophers. … What we call art is a game.” – Octavio Paz

526. “Form follows profit” is the aesthetic principle of our times.” – Richard Rogers

527. “Nothing is beautiful, only man: on this piece of naivete rests all aesthetics, it is the first truth of aesthetics. Let us immediately add its second: nothing is ugly but degenerate man — the domain of aesthetic judgment is therewith defined.” – Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche

528. “Beauty depends on size as well as symmetry. No very small animal can be beautiful, for looking at it takes so small a portion of time that the impression of it will be confused. Nor can any very large one, for a whole view of it cannot be had at once, and so there will be no unity and completeness.” – Aristotle

529. “As for everything else, so for a mathematical theory: beauty can be perceived but not explained.” – Arthur Cayley

530. “The most general definition of beauty … Multeity in Unity.” – Samuel Taylor Coleridge

531. “The feeling of awed wonder that science can give us is one of the highest experiences of which the human psyche is capable. It is a deep aesthetic passion to rank with the finest that music and poetry can deliver. It is truly one of the things that makes life worth living and it does so, if anything, more effectively if it convinces us that the time we have for living it is finite.” – Richard Dawkins

532. “I agree that two and two make four is an excellent thing; but to give everything its due, two and two make five is also a very fine thing.” –

533. “Beauty in things exists in the mind which contemplates them.” – David Hume

534. “Nowhere probably is there more true feeling, and nowhere worse taste, than in a churchyard.” – Benjamin Jowett

535. “You know, it’s just like being a peddler. You want two breasts? Well, here you are — two breasts. … We must see to it that the man looking at the picture has at hand everything he needs to paint a nude. If you really give him everything he needs — and the best — he’ll put everything where it belongs, with his own eyes. Each person will make for himself the kind of nude he wants, with the nude that I will have made for him.” – Pablo Picasso

536. “A work of art that contains theories is like an object on which the price tag has been left.” – Marcel Proust

537. “Intolerance respecting other people’s religion is toleration itself in comparison with intolerance respecting other people’s art.” – Wallace Stevens

538. “One does not argue over tastes for the same reason one does not argue over the Rocky Mountains — both are there, will be there the next year, too, and are the same to all men.” – George Stigler

539. “The difference between utility and utility plus beauty is the difference between telephone wires and the web.” – Edwin Way Teale

540. “Use harms and even destroys beauty. The noblest function of an object is to be contemplated.” – Miguel de Unamuno

541. “Since every age and every person has had their own form of beauty, we inevitably have ours.” – Charles Baudelaire

542. “Truth is disputable, not human taste.” – David Hume

543. “I hate that aesthetic game of the eye and the mind, played by these connoisseurs, these mandarins who “appreciate” beauty. What is beauty, anyway? There’s no such thing. I never “appreciate,” any more than I “like.” I love or I hate.” – Pablo Picasso

544. “Painting is the aesthetic side of the object but it has never been original, has never been its own goal.” – Kazimir Malevich

545. “I wanted to write stories for myself. At first it was purely an aesthetic thing about craft. I just wanted to become good at the art of something. And writing was very private.” – Amy Tan

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