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Oppo F11 price in Pakistan?

Oppo F11 is one the beautiful looking smartphone which has fantastic features in it for its users. It looks stylish and trendy when you hold any of the Oppo phones in your hand. F11 has been designed to meet your symbol status and make you visible in the crowd. Its latest features and specifications make it your ultimate choice every time. In this article, we read about Oppo F11 price in Pakistan?

Oppo phones are continuously excelling in the mobile market of brands. The best part of using oppo is that it has a very affordable price range with such diverse features compared to other phones. It provides its users with the best and marvellous experience one could have. 

Price of Oppo F11 in Pakistan

Like other Oppo phones, the price of Oppo F11 is under the reach of those who wish to enjoy a high volume of features and want to manage their daily tasks on it. Its price is Rs. 40,000.

I know your expressions would have gone a little judgmental. But when you desire a bulk of the best features and a great user experience, it would not be wrong if you have a look at its specs and then decide your final word. So let us move deep into knowing the extraordinary features of the Oppo F11 phone 

Oppo F11 Features

1. Starting with its network support, this phone, like others, supports 2G, 3G and 4G LTE along with Edge and GPRS available to give you uninterrupted coverage of the network every time.

2. It has a sleek design and relatively slim body, making it a heavy set to carry around. It is just a hundred and ninety grams! Not that much, right?

It is available in 2 beautiful colours; the famous black and the unique green.

3. It allows you to enjoy a Low-temperature polysilicon LTPS LCD with a quick and responsive touch screen. It has multi-touch functions as well. The screen is not small at all. It is 6.5 inches long to be exact, with a widescreen display.

4. It is using an Android pie version 9.0 operating system with an octa-core central processing unit CPU. It offers you 4 GB Random access memory with a storage capacity of 128 GB which is reason enough for a typical user. To be noted that there is no further storage expansion and no sd card slot.

5. It has a dua 48 mp and five mp rear camera with a front camera of 16 mp, giving you the best picture clicking experience. It allows you to take a wide-angle selfie with a panoramic capture.

6. it supports wifi with good signal coverage. It also has a reversible connector USB with Bluetooth and GPS connectivity 

7. Oppo F11 phone has a fingerprint sensor at the back of the phone with a camera and a proximity sensor. It has a fast-charging feature with 33 watts.

8. It has a powerful lithium-polymer battery that is attached to its body, and hence it is non-removable.

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